Daimon Downey, acclaimed pop-abstract painter, sculpture and ceramicist, has announced for the very first time a digital exhibition to showcase previously unseen and brand new works. To celebrate the launch, Downey will be hosting intimate previews from his Bondi home studio to be livestreamed across Instagram.

Once described as “an electric eel in a pond of catfish”, Daimon Downey is known for his well-stocked musical CV as founding member, writer and lead singer of Aria award-winning Sneaky Sound System.
Returning to his true passion of art with all the energy we have come to know him for, Downey creates incandescent, pastel-tinged works that, in his words are “beautiful colours doing dangerous things”.

With his original exhibition Half Masked set for April, the world pandemic cancelled Downey’s showcase and halted the artworks to be seen. Stuck inside his home studio with no exhibition or work, Daimon felt a strange cloud of excitement over him to create. Describing the feeling a cross between a holiday and being fired, Daimon began painting lighter abstract and expressionist works, a style he had been in deep before beginning the Half Masked series.

With a set of new works and the Half Masked series yet to be seen, Downey pivoted his exhibition to a new medium, digital. On the new direction, Daimon Downey states “The website is a first for me…a
portal to show on a larger format my new works, ideas, and I guess a more detailed incite, but more importantly it’s a platform to show and sell prints, something I have never done before. I’m super excited
to release signed and limited numbered runs of works from past shows and new works….it’s been fun process visiting the past to bring it to the present.”

Inspired to find new way to show works, Downey will be launching intimate previews at his Bondi studio to coincide with the new website launch. Understanding it will take some time before galleries open to a room full of people, the intimate showings will be a fun way to give people a similar experience but with a few special extras.

With the home studio known for its fabulous Bondi parties, the previews will be small dinner party with paint tins and canvas at the ready for guests. All of Daimon’s works will be on display, with pieces lining all the walls and from the floor to ceiling. The guest list will include all walks of life, with a collection of artists, musicians, creatives, media and friends that as Downey describes “like to dance on the table”. The intimate previews will be an art party with an agenda; sell art and celebrate that the Sydney art scene is still alive.

Whilst we can’t all attend the intimate previews with limited numbers preventing, Downey will be livestreaming the night straight to Instagram. Throughout the livestreams, Daimon and friends will be
creating and auctioning off one-of-a-kind pieces with all proceeds going towards The Drought Angles. A charity close to home, Downey chose to align with The Drought Angles to support the women on the ground who have directly brought relief and love to the fire and drought affected areas. The special pieces will be available for auction, along with all collections from the new website.

Daimon Downey’s digital exhibition is now live – https://www.daimonsartstuff.com

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