Naturally we’re intrigued when a new bar opens in Sydney, we’re always keen to find out if it’s themed, what the history is and what kind of drinks will be on the menu! When we discovered The BEAR Bar, it was no exception!

A welcome addition to Chinatown, THE BEAR definitely stands out and appears to be paving the way for a new hub of cool small bars in the area of Sydney. We caught up with co-owner of The Bear Bar Andy Curtis to find out more.

“We first created the bar in July 2014 and were creating quite a following, only to be closed down ironically on the 1st April 2015, due to our immediate landlord running off with the rent and thus closing us down (when we were on the up).

“Not to be defeated and as nobody likes a moaner, we created a bigger and better BEAR. Re opening in the basement of the capitol theatre on the 4th July 2015. The main motivation for re-opening the BEAR after such a great financial loss and an emotional rollercoaster was the public support from our old customer base.”

The BEAR is a world winter lodge, complete with a 10 feet projection of anything from a log fire to a train ride through the hills of Norway.

As you enter the fold you’re greeted by a neon lit winding staircase which decends into a BEAR garden (for those who like some tranquillity) then moving into the main room filled with a table made with 2,000 year old Huon Pine and a range of interesting seats.

Just like all good winter lodges, The Bear has books and board games galore, winning!


We’re pleased to report that the venue is relaxed and friendly and the drinks are most certainly interesting and plentiful, which pleases us so!

The guys behind The BEAR are very serious about its product offering, which includes top shelf whiskies, gins, ryes and bourbons and as well as classic cocktails created by owner Andy Curtis.

The wine offering is a tight list of around 20 with wines from Australia, New Zealand, France, Argentina and Germany – music to our ears!

The craft beer list offering is between 12 and 15 with the likes of Moose drool, Trout slayer, Scrumpy cider and British mocha chocolate beer, to just name a few.

When it comes to food glorious food, The BEAR food menu is a growing list, currently offering a delicious homemade Tasmanian salmon spread and a wonderful goose liver pate, both served with caraway rye bread and crackers.

If you need something more filling you can enjoy the yummy slider range, consisting of Japanese chicken, meatballs and ‘mums own recipe’ slow cooked pork.

As well as an ever-growing selection of savoury snacks the best is always left to last with the deep fried mars bar and yes, it is a shocking as it is wonderful.

The BEAR is an interesting place, it’s a fun place, it’s a cool place but what people say is that it’s ‘their place”. We hope you agree.

The Bear Bar will be donating part of the proceeds from our Best Selling Cocktail – SNOW CANDY! For every Snow Candy sold, $1 goes to the McGrath foundation throughout October in support of the McGrath Foundation’s mission to raise money to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia and increase breast awareness in young women.


It’s the bestselling drink, so let’s keep it that way and do some good at the same time.

You can participate by donating into the McGrath Donation Jar at the bar or simply purchase a Snow Candy cocktail and we will donate for you.

McGrath Foundation Ambassador and Director, Tracy Bevan, says the McGrath Foundation continues to be blown away by the support from Australian communities, which goes a long way in helping the Foundation towards its mission to ensure every family in Australia experiencing breast cancer has access to a breast care nurse no matter where they live or their financial situation.

“We are proud to have funded over 105 McGrath Breast Care Nurses working nationally who, together, have supported over 36,0000 families experiencing breast cancer. Events like this are truly helping us to make a difference,” Tracy said.

Event organiser, Grace Gao and Andrew Curtis, says: “We have so much respect and admiration for the McGrath Breast Care Nurses and would like to help in any way we can.”

Event details

Who: The Bear Bar

What: Drink Snow Candy and Make a Difference!

Where: The Bear Bar 730 George St Haymarket NSW 2000

When: 1st Oct-31st Oct 2015

Cost: Any donation is appreciated

The Bear Bar

Basement of Capitol Square (Opposite Harry De Wheels Hotdog)

730-742 George St


NSW 2000



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