Athletes and swimmers who are pushing their body to the limit need skincare that’s natural and gentle for frequent use which is why Aussie swimwear favourite, Funkita, has launched a range of completely natural skincare products – Funkita Body.

The four new products are quick and to easy to apply, perfect for an after training pick me up. Hemp and Tea Tree Lather Up Body Wash, Lemon Myrtle Pure Polish Body Cream, Little Softie Face Cream and Coconut and Veggies Butter Me Up Body Butter are completely free of any synthetic, artificial or formaldehyde causing agents. They are also 100% vegan so no precious animals were tested on and no animal derived products are contained in any of our formulas.

Lemon Myrtle Body Cream
I’m a post-session pit stop for your body when it craves a light, nourishing pick-me-up to get you straight back on track. With cleansing lemon myrtle and the nourishment of avocado and Australian Kakadu plum, I’ll get you polished up and looking like new again.
RRP $18.95

Hemp and Tea Tree Body Wash
The anti-bacterial properties from my hemp seed, lemon, aloe vera and tea tree will give you a soft tingly cleanse while leaving you feeling refreshed and recharged. I’m completely pure and natural so use me as often as you need.
RRP $14.95

Coconut and Veggies Body Butter
I’m the perfect pick me up for dry skin and a tired body. Apply me in dollops onto your body and then massage me in long movements so I can snuggle into your skin for a deep nourishing replenishment that will reinvigorate you.
RRP $17.95

Pure and Natural Face Cream
I’m a natural at looking after you! Let me give you a quick post-workout facial that will let your skin breathe without feeling clogged or sweaty. I’m light, silky and contain only pure, natural and organic ingredients.
RRP $14.95

The Full Body Workout Pack includes all four products plus a Wishy Washy Wash Bag and a 100ml travel buddy bottle.
RRP $64.95

The Funkita Body skincare range is now available.

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