Get ready to bat your lashes ladies because Ardell have added their iconic Wispies and Demi Wispies to their luxurious and glamorous Faux Mink lash collection.

These silky-soft, hand-crafted, matte lashes are beautifully layered to create a fluttery, multi-dimensional effect. Ardell Faux Mink lashes are made with finely tapered lightweight fibres that blend flawlessly with natural lashes, and feature the patented knot-free Invisiband technology that ensures a seamless look and comfortable wear. With the addition of the Wispies and Demi Wispies, Ardell now offers more Faux Mink eyelash styles than any other brand.


Do you find you glue your eyelids together when you put on false eyelashes or do you find that your false lashes start peeling off in the middle of your night out? Here are some tips and tricks for when you are applying your Ardell Faux Mink lashes to ensure they stay in place and look the best:

  1. Choose the correct eyelashes for your desired look. Use Demi Wispies (longer on the ourside) to create a more almond eye shape look and use Wispies (longer in the middle) to open your eye more. Also, make sure you put the correct lash on the correct eye.
  2. Measure the false lash up against your real eyelashes and trim if necessary.
  3. Do not apply too much lash glue as it takes longer for the lashes to dry and may cause your lashes to stick together. Focus applying glue on the outer edges of the lash as this is usually where the lashes become unstuck and flick up.
  4. Place your mirror into a position where it allows you to look down but not completely close your eyes when applying the lashes.
  5. Place the lash as close to your natural lash line as possible. Use an eyelash applicator if necessary. Ardell make great eyelash applicators.


The new Ardell Faux Mink styles are available now at Priceline Pharmacies, and selected independent retailers around Australia.

RRP: $12.99

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