Cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more common among Australians! From making lips bigger to making stomaches smaller to making skin less wrinkly, there is a procedure out there to suit every aesthetic desire.

Elite Body Contouring is Sydney’s top rates non-surgical body sculpting specialists. Offering treatment for both men and women, they are the experts in non-invasive, pain free and medical grade treatments.

Recently Sydney Social 101 was offered the opportunity to try out their exclusive, brand new treatment – LIPOcel. Naturally, we jumped at the chance (I mean Summer bodies are made in Winter, RIGHT!?!)

LIPOcel Body Conturing is the latest non-invasive treatment for permanent fat reduction and precision body sculpting without any pain or downtime. LIPOEcel Body Sculpting uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to destroy fat cells and tighten the skin – perfect for eliminating unwanted deposits of stubborn subcutaneous fat. LIPOcel is a safe and effective procedure delivering HIFU energy precisely into over 1.3cm deep under the skin destroying fat cells. The Unique patented LIPOcel contact cooling system reduces the hand piece surface temperature down to just 5 degrees making the treatment comfortable for the client.

Here is a little Q&A I did with myself to share my experience.

Q. Did you have to prepare for the procedure?

A. Not at all. Some client may require some diet and exercise adjustments before the procedure to optimize their results. Best to consult with your technician.

Q.Run us through how the procedure went.

A. As soon as I arrived to the clinic I filled out a form with questions about medical history, diet, exercise etc. After filling out the form I was take to the procedure room where ‘before’ pictures were taken and my stomach was marked up for the procedure. I then sat back and relaxed while the technician did all the work- lightly pressing the hand piece onto my stomach for about a minute at a time in multiple locations. After each of the locations was treated I stood up for my ‘after’ picture and was ready to go. The whole procedure took about 60 minutes- Super fast!

Q. What did it feel like? Did it hurt?

A. It felt like a large ice cube being held down on my belly with slight pressure. There was no pain or discomfort at all for me. The technician did say that some people do experience some slight discomfort but they can alter the machine to assist with the discomfort.

Q. Did you experience any down time?

A. Not at all. After the procedure I didn’t experience any pain of discomfort and didn’t need any downtime.

Q. Did you see results?

A. Straight away I noticed my lower stomach became smaller and tighter. I am currently almost a month since my first treatment and I am still seeing a progression in the result. My lower stomach is definitely becoming smaller and tighter. 2-4 treatments about 4 weeks apart are recommended so I will need to be booking in my second appointment very soon!

The staff at Elite Body Contouring were excellent, knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. The treatment was pain free, easy, efficient and effective. I will definitely be back!

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