The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation will be frocking up a little differently this year as they launch their 2020 campaign, to continue to raise much-needed funds for innovative ovarian cancer research to help save women’s lives.

Frocktober has been empowering and encouraging women around Australia for thirteen years to frock up in October to raise awareness and funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Participants show support by wearing their favourite dresses for a day, a week or for the whole month.

In the spirit of Frocktober, flexibility has always been encouraged and this year is no different. In light of the current restrictions, Frockers are encouraged to adapt to frocking up from home and take part in the ‘8-Hour Challenge’ on social media, making it more accessible to participate than ever before.

The ‘8-Hour Challenge’ will start on October 1st to launch Frocktober and will see ambassadors and participants share a memory of themselves in their favourite spring frock (or take a picture of themselves in one) on Instagram while sharing the message that they’re doing this for Frocktober and tag a friend to take up the 8-Hour challenge by doing the same thing. The 8-hour reference is to mark that sadly, one Australian woman loses her life to ovarian cancer every 8 hours, therefore by supporting Frocktober participants are helping #Frockcancer.

An estimated 14,000 Australian women will lose their lives over the next 10 years to ovarian cancer, a recent landmark study has found that an early detection test would significantly increase the likelihood of detecting the disease in its early stages and ultimately save 8,000 of these women’s lives.

There’s still a fantastic reason to frock up this Spring, with Frockers encouraged to swap, borrow, recycle and create the perfect frock while inspiring those around them to help generate funds that will go towards finding an early detection test for ovarian cancer.

To find out and more and register visit, follow @ocrf on instagram and ocrfaustralia on Facebook for live updates.

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