For many of us, January is a time of change and resolutions – many of them lifestyle-
focused. Whether it is quitting the grog, going gluten free or all out for veganuary – the first month of the year is full of promise.
More often than not, when addressing drinking habits, there is little compromise, you’re either drinking or not. If you have ever been  the designated driver on a night out or are currently living a plant-based lifestyle quenching your thirst usually means being stuck sipping water or sugary soft drinks. But not anymore!
It’s no secret that the lifestyle choices of Australians have changed dramatically over the last five years, as the nation becomes more health-conscious. BWS research shows that amongst 1,500 25-60 year-old drinkers, 70% are now checking the sugar content on their drinks’ nutrition labels, and 45% the ABV, which shows the nation’s dietary demands no longer stop at food.
The research also showed that 69% of Australian’s aged 25-34 have no desire to drink less than they currently do, with 23% of current drinkers preferring to consider low-alcohol, mid-strength or specialist categories such as organic or vegan for future consumption.
With this in mind, from January 2020 BWS will celebrate their expanded ‘lifestyle’ offering by shining a light on some of the nation’s favourite brands, such as Heineken, Carlton and Chapel Hill who all offer sips spanning organic, vegan, low (and no) alcohol,
and even ‘mid strength’ options.
To support the campaign, BWS have onboarded lifestyle experts to deep dive into Australia’s evident evolution. Renowned vegan party-starter, Dara Hayes (aka DJ Tigerlily) and recognised Australian nutritionist, Susie Burrell, will talk about the many different ways that Australia can now adapt their lifestyle preferences to their drinking choices via BWS’s 2020 product offering.
Head to BWS website to check out there offering:

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