Drummerboy has launched with a range of non-alcoholic spirits that make going teetotal a hell of a lot more enjoyable. Featuring a line-up of five libations that are made in Australia from local ingredients, Drummerboy uses an almighty blend of essences, extracts, and distillates to produce full flavoured, non-alcoholic spirits from scratch, an unconventional method that adds flavour rather than subtracting it.

The Drummerboy range features London Dry – a gin replacement, American Dark – a bourbon replacement, Mexican Agave – a tequila replacement, Italian Rosso – a Vermouth replacement, and Italian Aperitivo – a Spritz replacement. A mosh pit of flavour with seriously spirit-lifting taste, Drummerboy is designed to be drunk neat over ice, with a classic mixer or as the base to your favourite  non-alcoholic cocktail.

London Dry
Juniper and citrus flavours play alongside peppermint for a warm, dry finish
Nose: Orange Blossom, jasmine, lime, juniper and mint hit the spot
Palate: Juniper, citrus and and pepperberry mix for a delicious dry finish

 American Dark
Vanilla and toasted nuts hit some herbal notes and end on a long, mellow finish
Nose: Rich caramel with vanilla, toffee and caramalised fig
Palate: Notes of caramel, molasses, spiced vanilla and toasted nuts

Mexican Agave
Mexican Lemon, roasted agave, vanilla and peppery spice create a unique Latin rhythm
Nose: Lemon, Saline, Agave, Chamomile and Pine
Palate: Notes of lemon, roasted agave and a peppery spice

Italian Rosso
Rich flavours of blood orange and vanilla harmonise with caramel, citrus and cacao
Nose: Citrus, almond and exotic vanilla in a remix with dried fruit and a hint of saffron
Palate: Blood orange and vanilla with caramel citrus pith and cacao

Italian Aperitivo
The sweetness from orange in a perfect duet with rhubarb
Nose: Notes of rhubarb, bitter orange and herbs – we smell a hit
Palate: sweet orange mixed with complex flavours of rhubarb for a dry finish

Bottled to look like booze, act like booze, and drink like booze but  without the aftermath, Drummerboy is available in a 700mL size for  $45.00 and a 200mL size for $20.00, delivered to doors across the country. Drummerboy can be purchased online via drummerboy.com  and will soon be rolling out across retailers nationally.

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