There is no better time than the Easter long weekend to get through those shows on your “to-watch” list. And nothing pairs better with binge watching your new favourite show than…chocolate!


To inspire Easter moments at home this year, CADBURY is taking some of Aussie’s most popular and binge watched series and pairing them with all of your CABDURY Easter must-haves. In consultation with the Easter Bunny, CADBURY has identified which Easter Egg you should be hunting for this Easter.


Whether you’re into a new show or re-watching old favourites, find out what Easter Egg is right for you.

  1. Gossip Girl – Cadbury Mini Easter Egg – Cadbury Mini Easter Eggs are the most fashionable Easter Eggs on the Upper East Side. In cute pastel colours, They’re the perfect size for fitting in Serena and Blair’s designer handbags.


  1. The Crown – Cadbury Old Gold Easter Bunny – What’s more fitting for a queen than ‘Old Gold’. Just like her majesty it’s a classic and if you know, you know – this an OG for Cadbury lovers.


  1. Friends – Cadbury Mixed Egg Bag  – Depending on who your favourite character is, your go to pick from the Cadbury Mixed Egg Bag is:

a.Joey + Chandler – Dive into a Caramello for all that smooth talking

  1. Ross + Monika – A Turkish Delight is perfect for these sweet siblings
  2. Phoebe + Rachel – Just like a Crunchie with its golden insides, Phoebe and Rachel have some of the best, golden one liners. ‘Smelly cat’… need we say more.


  1. Greys Anatomy – Cadbury Marshmallow Egg – You’re not afraid to cry when watching this series and you’re easily melted by the good looks of the Greys Anatomy stars.


  1. The Bold Type – Cadbury Dream Bumper Bunny  With their ‘dream’ jobs in the fashion and magazine world, Jane, Cat and Sutton are living their best lives.


  1. Seinfeld – Cadbury Dark Peppermint Marshmallow Egg Tray – If you cringed along with everyone else when you watched George Costanza each an onion like an apple, you’ll be needing a Cadbury Dark Peppermint Marshmallow Egg Tray, stat.


  1. Cheer – Cadbury Favourites Egg – Supporting everyone’s ‘favourite’ cheer leading team from the couch is way better with a Cadbury Favourites Egg – there’s a chocolate to celebrate every occasion and trophy winning moment waiting inside!


  1. Will & Grace – Cadbury Roses Egg  You know you can’t stop at just one episode, so you’ll need a Cadbury Roses Egg to get you through at least one whole season.


  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Cadbury Caramello Eggs – Just like a Caramello centre, Jake Peralta’s smooth-talking detective work can get him and the team out of any situation.


  1. The OC – Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg – Much like the Dairy Milk Egg, The OC is a classic that we just can’t get over, we just find ourselves loving it more and more.

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