SkyZone Miranda takes boring evenings to new heights!

SkyZone, the popular trampoline park chain, has opened up a new site in the recently renovated Miranda Westfield and I went along to see what the fuss is all about.

The first thing that struck me was the great decor of the place; bright, clean spaces and minimal furnishings, dance music playing and disco lights spinning. The staff were friendly and we were given our very own pair of Skyzone socks, bright orange with grips on the bottom made especially for trampolining.

I love trampolining, having being part of my University club during my undergraduate years. However, my trampoline passion quickly dissipated when one day, I landed all wrong and ripped up ligaments in my back. I was scared to go back to bouncing. Scared, but nevertheless, excited.

The place is huge, warehouse style, and divided into different sections for the avid jumper.

The Stratosphere has wall-to-wall trampolines for bouncing, running and letting loose. The beds were fairly small and not too powerful, which is a great way to ease into it. Bouncers are divided by size so don’t worry about having to dodge little Jimmy having his first bounce.

These beds are also used in the Dodgeball Court and in the Sky Slam, a basketball set up for those wanting to grab some air.

There is a high performance area, called the Wall, which features bigger, more powerful trampolines for better height for sweeter moves. It’s fun to watch those fearless teens perform flips and somersaults but I still enjoyed having some tame bouncing.

Catch some air with SkyzoneSkyzone also features SkyClimb, which features a number of different climbing walls which vary in difficulty. I also donned a onesie and was pulled up a giant slide in their special ‘SkyDrop’. There’s nothing funnier than watching your friend in a helmet and cow onesie being dragged up a slide, believe me. SkyClimb also features the leap of faith, where you jump of a platform onto a punching bag. It took me a lot longer to jump off the platform than I thought I would, but I got there.

Each section has safety staff there, and to gain access to the bigger trampolines, you need to demonstrate a back-drop. It was encouraging to see how much support there was; I for one know how scary it can be. The safety of the place is easy to see- everywhere is padded, no springs are exposed and only one person is allowed on each bed.

I had a blast at SkyZone. There is so much to do, I can’t imagine getting bored. I laughed a lot, sometimes too much, so I couldn’t climb out of the foam pit I’d fallen into. My friend and I had a great time, from bouncing together to facing off on the speed challenge climbing wall. The ages of those there varied. There was a lot of teenagers, but adults and kids too. It’s great to see everyone having fun, exercising and just letting go. I really can’t recommend it enough. We all need to be silly from time to time.

WhatSkyZone Miranda

Where: Westfield Miranda, Kingsway, Miranda 2228

When: Opening times:

Monday – Thursday 10am–10pm

Friday 10am–11pm

Saturday 9am–11pm

Sunday 9am–9pm

(Everyday from 9am during school holidays)


$16-18 an hour each for jumping and climbing

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