From spotting famous bloggers (Hey there, Gary Pepper Girl!), checking out everyone’s outfits, getting snapped by the street-style photographers, taking so many photos on my phone that it runs out of battery and bumping into magazine fashion editorial teams: just a casual Day 2 of #MBFWA.

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Gary Pepper Girl, from her instagram

Ogling the outfits worn by the other MBFWA-goers was a crucial part of the experience. Some wore outlandish costumes. Some wore cocktail outfits. Some wore casual. But, the ubiquitous fashion bloggers (like Magaret Zhang) managed to strike a balance between the crazy and the normal.

The first show SydneySocial101 attended was Aurelio Costarella. It was bold, colourful and feminine.

There were feathers, clean cuts and silhouettes were exaggerated.

The waists were cinched and the hourglass was celebrated.

The vivid colours were beautiful to see and I loved the figure hugging dresses.

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The second show was the chic Strateas. Carlucci.

It was minimalistic, free flowing, edgy and warm.

The sweaters made an impact; all iphones in the room began snapping deliriously when the oversized knits made an appearance.

Sheer was another focal point and black sheers were paired with voluminous skirts or clean-cut leather for a sexy look.


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By Johnny was next and its Art Deco sculpture collection was definitely a hit.

The prints explored shapes and some garments even had a 3D element to it.
It was definitely a fun collection and the colour added a new dimension to an already enjoyable show.

The colours were a stand out and there were so many wearable pieces. It was feminine, youthful, soft and structurally beautiful.


 Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.55.02 pm

Bec and Bridge was the last show for me.

It was sleek and urban and the main colours were blue, white and black.

It was all about graphics, monochromic patterns and innovative shapes.

The neutrals were blush worthy and the studs took pretty dresses into an edgy category.

I loved the “bohemian nomad” feel of the show and Bec & Bridge will always remain loved by me for its streamlined shapes.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.55.08 pm

It was exhausting, fascinating and fabulous and I can’t wait for more MBFWA fabulousness.

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