To celebrate the global 50th year anniversary of the PUMA Suede, PUMA has nominated a set of talent that are set to make ‘Future History’, profiling individuals they think will go down as icons and legends long before they’ve reached their pinnacle.
Each set of talent participated in a photo shoot for Puma shot by photographer and founder of Culture Machine Yasmin Suteja in the streets of Melbourne.
PUMA’s ‘Future History’ talent includes:
-Musician Billy Davis and his mentor, Andrew De Silva of iconic Melbourne R&B group CDB. While Andrew laid the foundations for the country’s current R&B scene, Billy is building on that legacy and leading the charge towards the future.
-Singer/songwriter Kaiit, and her manager Momo, one half of seminal Australian hip-hop group Diafrix. As part of the duo, Momo broke barriers and changed the definition of “Aussie hip-hop” – now managing a prodigious talent like Kaiit, together they have the opportunity to take Australian music to brand new heights.
-Artist Aki Yaguchi and Archibald Prize finalist Melissa Grisancich, a fellow creative she has looked up to for some time. Aki and Mel are two of the many women re-shaping Melbourne’s art scene: hyper-positive, deeply respectful, and unwaveringly supportive of each other and the artists in their field.

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