Sydney Social 101 recently had a chat to Duncan Peak, Founder Power Living Yoga, about ways to effectively exercise at home in these times of home isolation and lock down. Here is what Duncan had to say and his top tips:

“In times of uncertainty and change like what we are currently navigating it can bring up fears or anxiety.  I’ve often found that in these moments of uncertainty is when exercise matters most. Exercise allows us to not just have a physical state change but also emotional and mental. When we change one state, it impacts all areas that matter to you. Exercise keeps you knowing that YOU matter and you get the added bonus of happy endorphins, which we can all get a bit more of right now.” Duncan said.

Duncan’s top home exercising tips:

Set a Daily Challenge or Why Not a Week Challenge
If you ever wanted to try out a challenge, maybe even a 30-day yoga challenge or handstand challenge, well now is that time! You don’t need to be doing this alone. Gather your friends virtually to keep each other motivated and commit to a workout each day.
Block Out Exercise Time
Make space for exercise. Block it into your day. Use that time when you usually are commuting to work to try a new routine such as a meditation at the end of your yoga or workout routine.
Variety Is The Key
Variety keeps you engaged not only in your body but also in your mind. The more you can engage your mind with new practices the more it will keep you distracted from your concerns and back to being present in the moment.
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Tune into Your Body
Your body needs different treatments and practice styles every time you step on your mat. Tuning into how your body feels before you start your practice is essential for what your yoga style will be. Get as picky as you like, there is no time limit to rush out the door anywhere and our at-home yoga platform YOGAHOLICS is ideal if you want to pick and choose yoga from beginners, advanced and even kids yoga.
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