If you love exercise or if you have a certain fitness based new year resolution then this one is for you!

I love exercise! But what I am not so much of a fan of is travelling to and from exercise activities, lugging all my gear back and forth and having to work a class schedule around my schedule.  With this in mind, I was very excited when I learnt about W1LL Yoga and Meditation’s Australian produced yoga and meditation online platform. Yes! That’s right! A yoga and meditation program that you can practice in the comfort of your home meaning no more travelling, lugging mats or missing classes as you have other commitments at that specific time.

W1LL has launched Australia’s first online yoga and meditation platform, with classes curated to music available ondemand and at a new look studio that once housed Urban Yoga. Proud to be unconventional and redefining yoga, W1LL is a modern take on an ancient practice. Created by Jacinta McDonell, who transformed the way Sydneysiders practice yoga with Urban Yoga’s progressive soundtracks and beautiful sensory visuals, W1LL goes one step further with guided classes and meditation sessions that can be taken in studio, at home or wherever you are in the world.

Developed with W1LL’s in-house DJ and production suite, each yoga class has been designed to flow with beats and choreographed to be perfectly timed 22 and 44-minute classes. “It’s an immersive experience. In the hustle of modern life, we know how hard it is to find the time and space to switch off. The benefits of yoga and meditation are no secret but the traditional experience isn’t always for everyone – W1LL is experiential and you can’t help but tune out and focus on the movement with the music playing, and beautifully produced visuals,” McDonell says.


W1LL’s online platform runs as an on-demand subscription service with unlimited classes for $17.99 each month and is the first-of-its-kind to be created in Australia. The platform has been designed with class options for all levels and has a modern, simple approach to bring yoga to more people around the world. “The idea came to me while traveling, I went through so many YouTube videos and couldn’t find what I was looking for – the quality was terrible, none had been curated with music. Or I’d be listening to an instructor who had a totally different style to what I was practicing in Sydney.”

I recently trialled W1LL’s online platform for a month and I feel amazing! Not just from the benefits of the yoga but because I am not feeling any guilt about missing classes due to time restraints. I was able to do the classes at a time that worked for me (I am not an early bird) and I didn’t have to add on extra commuting time. It was so easy to fit in a 22 min session into my day everyday. The classes were easy to follow, worked at a good pace and had clear instructions for each position. The music that accompanied the videos was soothing and was beautifully synchronised with the moves. The visuals were stunning too and made me want to have a beach side pad asap.


If you are a fan of going to classes never fear! W1LL also offers live classes. W1LL’s newly refurbished home base in Surry Hills offers three styles of yoga and delivers them in two ways – guided and live. W1LL’s version of Siri leads students through the practice and promise to give the exact, perfected cues often missed by human teachers, with a roaming instructor to help with alignment and assists. The live classes offer the same yoga classes led by the studio’s senior instructors. In the meditations, participants are led through a 22-minute practice with easy-to-follow instructions and the latest guiding principles to find stillness.

The new studio also has a new look with botanical plants, polished wooden floors, state-of-the-art bathrooms and seating areas for members to chill with organic herbal tea before and after class.


As well as doing good for you, W1LL is also doing good for humanity! Each time a purchase is made at W1LL, a portion is donated to The Human Kind Project – a non-profit foundation that funds life-changing projects in Africa and India which McDonell set up in 2015. With the proceeds, W1LL contributes to changing the lives of 37,843 people in a community in Malawi.


To book your online or class passes head to: https://w1ll.co/

Or head to: Level 1 401 Cleveland Street Surry Hills

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