Exciting news chocolate lovers! Cadbury has just launched their brand new Dark Milk Chocolate in Australia! yum! Devoted to creating delicious and innovative sweeties, Cadbury has officially introduced Cadbury Dark Milk, a new chocolate brand that perfectly combines milk chocolate and dark chocolate together with exciting flavours.


Cadbury has developed the sensational Cadbury Dark Milk chocolate range to accommodate the ever-evolving consumer palate. This brand new chocolate taste experience delivers the perfect blend of rich cocoa notes and the smooth creaminess of milk chocolate, perfect for when 3:30-itis hits!

Officially launched in Australian stores, the Cadbury Dark Milk chocolate range is available in four delicious variations including Perfectly Blended Chocolate, Crunchy Salted Caramel (my absolute favourite), Sweet Zingy Raspberry and Roasted & Caramelised Hazelnuts.


For those who enjoy sharing a sweet treat with friends or your partner or just yourself, the Sweet Zingy Raspberry variant is sure to tantalise tastebuds with a tasty berry punch.


If you prefer a more textured experience as your evening treat, the Crunchy Salted Caramel version is for you. With its extraordinary crunch and flavour, it’s the perfect combination for those who like their chocolate a little bit sweet and a little bit salty.


If that’s not tempting enough, the Roasted & Caramelised Hazelnuts option is perfect for Aussies who like their chocolate a little more nutty with the addition of caramel to really make things extra smooth.

Trying each of the Dark Milk Chocolate variants from Cadbury was a tough job… not! The chocolate perfectly combines the richness and bitterness of dark chocolate with the smooth, creaminess of milk chocolate. This chocolate perfectly blends the best qualities of both types of chocolate to create a treat that is silky smooth on the mouth and exciting to the taste buds.  My favourite variation is the Crunchy Salted Caramel. The caramel added a bit of extra sweetness to the chocolate while the saltiness made sure the sweetness wasn’t over powering.


So, if you’re after a satisfying experience, whether it be enjoyed alone or shared, this entirely new chocolate taste from Cadbury has something to satisfy all palates and preferences!


Cadbury Dark Milk chocolate is now available at all major retailers nationally!


RRP: $5

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