Just in time for the warmer weather, Gelatissimo has launched two new guilt-free flavours that satisfy both the sweet tooth and the waist. 95% Sugar Free Caramel Latte and Peppermint Crunch with no artificial sweeteners and less than 160 calories per scoop have been unveiled in stores.

Still with the same silky texture and sweetness as you’d find with traditional gelato recipes, Gelatissimo’s product innovation team have done extensive testing and research to replace 95% of the sugar with a blend of natural and nutritive sweeteners including stevia while still maintaining the exceptional taste and quality of other Gelatissimo flavours.

95% Sugar Free Caramel Latte contains 153 calories per scoop and is a rich and creamy gelato made using a blend of finely ground coffee beans balanced with the distinct flavours of creamy butter and sweet caramel. Sugar free shortbread is then crumbled and folded throughout, all topped off with crispy pieces of sugar free honeycomb brittle.

95% Sugar Free Peppermint Crunch is exactly as it sounds – minty and crunchy. With each scoop containing just 159 calories, this creamy gelato is infused with a natural, pure peppermint oil to give it a sweet mint flavour with a refreshing aftertaste. The snow-white gelato is then sprinkled with naturally green sugar free peppermint chips and chunks of sugar free chocolate. Made with cocoa sourced from the Ivory Coast in West Africa, the chocolate has been tempered to ensure it has that satisfying ‘snap’ with each bite.

But wait, there’s more. A third mystery flavour will be launching on Friday 1 November and may be the most indulgent of them all – think cocoa, peanut butter, biscuit crumb and more, all with just 150 calories.

These decadent new flavours join the already existing classic low sugar range including the popular 96% Sugar Free Chocolate. These flavours will be available across all 47 Australian stores for a limited time only.

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