Just when you thought the incredible line-up of world class cuisine at The Star couldn’t get any better..

Did someone say Pizza?!

Yes, yes they did and next Thursday a brand new Italianate pizzeria and bar is opening, PizzAperta. We’re very excited for this one!

Following the success of Osteria Balla at The Star, Australia’s Godfather of Italian cuisine, Stefano Manfredi and restaurateur, Julie Manfredi Hughes are opening an Italianate pizzeria and bar, Pizzaperta on 20 November.

This passion project sees an open-air piazza style Italianate pizzeria and bar coming to The Star, offering the emerging ‘new wave’ trends of the humble Italian street food. Italian-infused cocktails and a unique wine list will draw city-dwellers and beyond to PizzAperta for either lunch or dinner.

PizzAperta will follow the craftsmanship of traditional pizza and quality produce that Manfredi champions, using only artisan and unrefined, stoneground Molino Quaglia ‘Petra’ flours, imported from Italy for the very first time to Australia.

Stefano Manfredi says, “Our work is to achieve one goal – to make pizza with the flavour of the grain, a texture that’s soft and airy, easily digested and a balance of flavours from the quality of our ingredients.”

With pizza in his DNA, Head Chef Gianluca Donzelli will share his home town traditions and expertise acquired at two-Michelin-star Restaurant Don Alfonso near Sorrento. Donzelli placed fourth at the International Pizza Competition in Naples in 2013 and has since been appointed the official ambassador for Neapolitan Pizza in Australia.

Together, Donzelli and Manfredi have curated a menu of classics and new wave including margherita, marinara and hot calabrese – using the best local and imported ingredients such as mozzarella fior di latte and bufala, and traditional ‘Nduja. Extra virgin olive oil will be used exclusively for all preparations. Salads, local and imported salumi and desserts will also feature on the menu.

Greg Hawkins, Managing Director of The Star Sydney says, “We are delighted that Manfredi is adding a new dimension to modern Italian cuisine at The Star. Being on the waterfront entrance, PizzAperta will be the convivial casual bar and dining venue just in time for summer.”

Note: you might have been reading this and wondering why the A in PizzA is capitalised in PizzAperta (probably thinking I’m struggling with the caps lock key) but the name actually comes as a play on words – ‘pizza’ (meaning pizza) and ‘Aperta’ (meaning the Italian adverb for open) so bring them together and you get PizzAperta, meaning ‘we are open for Pizza’! Yay! Well, PizzAperta will be open as of November 20!

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