This weekend (Saturday July 20) marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing in 1969.

To join the outpour of nostalgia and celebrate the much loved children’s treat, Deliveroo has partnered with an extra-ordinary food scientist, Rebecca, to recreate the infamous Space Food Sticks.

These illustrious sticks, with out-of-this-world cachet, were a commercial version of the original Pillsbury creation, designed to sustain the space crew, when remained sealed within the astronaut’s pressure suits.

Deliveroo tasked Rebecca to recreate the legendary snack using the exact specifications and ingredients
of the 70s/80s original. After months of testing in a lab, Eveline was able to reproduce the compressed
food bar that dazzled kids with its fudgy texture and heavenly taste.

Sadly, Space Sticks only live on as a fond childhood memory, however, Deliveroo is bringing these back
for the nostalgic adults missing their NASA themed chocolate fix for a limited time.

From Friday 19th and as long as stocks last, the rebooted Space Food Sticks will be available exclusively via the Deliveroo app and website for a galactically good $1. The price is a “giant leap” away from the only other source of the snack on the planet; an Ebay seller that lists Space Food Sticks at USD $1,000 per box.

Once gone, but never forgotten – these retro snacks will transcend you to a better time.

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