Jerusalem street food container Knafeh is turning five, and The Bearded Bakers’ are taking it on an international tour to share their famed Jerusalem street food with the world. But, before it goes, Sydneysiders have one last chance to enjoy the pop-up!

Before their departure, The Bearded Bakers’ have partnered with OpenTable to create an exclusive and immersive dining experience for a limited number of guests on Saturday, May 18th.

For one night only, The Bearded Bakers will take over the former Arnott’s biscuit factory and transform it into a Middle Eastern-style communal dining experience. The three-course menu will include the authentic eats as well as plenty of their famed knafeh (a Middle Eastern dessert made with syrup-soaked cheese and fine string pastry). There will be spectacular live entertainment and a whole lot of singing and dancing!

Date: Saturday 18th May

Cost: $100


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