Grill’d has confirmed an exclusive secret menu item hidden on the Deliveroo app after being caught out by a surprised customer on social media last night, but is keeping very tight-lipped on exactly where to find it. 

Australia’s leading healthy burger brand has revealed that the secret item is exclusively available to Deliveroo customers for a limited time only, and is hidden behind a mysterious fake item within the Grill’d menu. Loyal burger fans will have to search the Deliveroo site and app to find the disguised item to reap the reward of being one of the first people in Australia to try Grill’d’s new and most exclusive burger. 

Grill’d created its first ever secret menu item – ‘The Brisket Cheeseburger’ to launch their new partnership with DeliverooMade with mouth-watering grass-fed, free-range Aussie brisket and stacked with the classics, from pickles to aged cheddar, tangy Dijon mustard and a good slather of egg mayo, it’s the tastiest way to keep warm for those that have beef with winter. 

The limited-edition hibernation burger was discovered by influencer and Grill’d fan, Ben Seymour, who shared his surprise on his Instagram account when finding the burger hidden in the Deliveroo menu when making his usual Sunday night Grill’d order. He was trying to add a drink to her order when a pop-up announced she had discovered the hidden gem. He was even more excited when he went to check out and realised he was getting the burger for $5. 

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