This week is Men’s Health Week and it’s the perfect time to start the conversation about how and where men can seek resources and help for a variety of health issues, which they are often reluctant to talk about and find treatment for.

Mosh, Australia’s leading digital health clinic for men, provides discreet avenues for Australian men to access support for sexual health, hair loss, skin problems and mental health, without having to discuss the topic in person.

Customers complete an interactive questionnaire to assess their needs, before connecting them to a qualified Australian doctor via video consult, where they go through their medical history and a personalised treatment plan is developed. The products are then delivered discreetly, direct to the customer via a pharmacy.

Recently, Mosh has extended their online offering by providing mental health services during the COVID-19 pandemic, throughout this time, the online clinic is offering free (bulk billing) mental health plans and psychology consultations.

The stats around men’s mental health are concerning:

  • Men are at least three times more likely to die by suicide than women, with the potential life lost equating to more than 77,581 years
  • Although one in seven Aussie men experience depression or anxiety or both in a year, only 27.5% of them access services for mental health problems if they’re feeling off

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