Looking for an exciting new restaurant to try for dinner tonight in Sydney? Does the thought of a blazing hot BBQ or succulent roast duck get you salivating? Well why not tee up a date, or grab a bunch of mates, and head to the opening night of Holy Duck!

“What the duck is that” – you quack?

Located on the very modern Kensington Street in ‘Hip’pendale (haha), this funky new street-food diner and burger joint is ready and raring to cook up a fresh and flavour-filled storm of scrumptious eats. As the brainchild of Kaisern Ching, the creator of the incredibly popular Chinese restaurant Chefs Gallery, Holy Duck! is sure to appeal to the lovers of traditional Chinese cuisine, who buckle at the knees at the thought of a hipster dining experience and a witty street-food menu.


The specialty on offer is of course the roast or BBQ duck, but there are also a number of other eats available. From Crispy Fried Shantung Chicken to Caramelised Sweet & Sticky BBQ Pork – and you simply can’t go past trying one of the mouthwatering duck burgers.

If dining in is not on your cards, however, Holy Duck! also cater to satisfy your take-out cravings. With a ‘small plates’ & ‘hand-held’ selection boasting items from popcorn chicken with brown sugar glaze to “ducken delicious pancakes” and “duck yeah” spring rolls. Mmmm!

It all starts tonight – Friday December 9th – and to kick things off in celebratory curtain-raiser fashion, Holy Duck! are offering $1 duck sliders for the first few hundred punters through the doors!

“So waddle on in Ducklings…Holy Duck! is sure to drive you quackers!”


WHAT: Holy Duck! Street-Style Chinese Diner Opening Night

WHERE: Kensington Street, Chippendale

WHEN: Tonight – Friday December 9th

MENU: click here

Stay in touch with Holy Duck!:
Facebook: facebook.com/holyduck.au

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