Introducing Sydney’s latest creative sensation, The Fluid Project. Perfect playtime for kids and big kids alike.

What’s it all about (Alfie)

I’ve always been a fan of taking part in activities which are outside the box. It’s safe to say that there’s a few of these types of activities popping up around Australia. Whether its clay modelling, building geraniums to sipping and styling, there’s something to cater for every need/ interest. (I’m waiting for the scuba and spray paint myself) 😉 

One of the latest offerings which has taken Sydney by storm is The Fluid Project, which has landed with a splash on Sydney’s creative play scene in Sydney’s Homebush. It really is the ultimate space to unleash your creativity and is causing quite the stir. was invited to check out the warehouse studio for ourselves, whilst also trialling the DIY at home kits (endless fun) but more on this later!

What exactly does it involve?

Upon arriving at the studio in Sydney’s Homebush (which is super easy to get to either via car, or public transport), you’re greeted by the lovely team. They show you around the studio and give you a glimpse at some of the previous creations.

Once seated you get the chance to pick your statue and your 3 x colours (I chose a unicorn, obvs, my six year old son picked a cool bear complete with sunglasses).

The team are there to support you throughout and help get your colours for you, whilst you pop on your gloves and apron can channel your creative powers to be unleashed.

I was quite surprised as to how nervous I was when it came to pouring the first drip of the pouring paint onto my unicorn. This soon dissipated when I realised that this is actually super, super fun! It’s quite freeing and fantastic for mindfulness when you’re concentrating on nothing other than transforming your white statue into a statement ornament for your home.

Once the statues has been transformed, the friendly Fluid Project team take them away for drying, which can can up to 3 days. You are given the option to pick them up, or have them delivered to you for a small fee.

Meet the founders

The Fluid Project was founded by co-founders; Allen Fu and Fiona Wang, who are established content creators and serial entrepreneurs. The  inspiring pair harnessed the power of their influence, which is over 160,000 followers collectively and millions of views  across their content, to catapult their brands into the stratosphere.

Co-founder Allen Fu said: “We have always believed in The Fluid Project from the moment we had the idea, but we were absolutely blown away to see over 200 bookings flood in over the first 24 hours.  We’ve also had over 20 million views on videos across TikTok and Instagram.”


Co-founder Fiona Wang added: “it was so humbling to see our stock sell out within the first two weeks due to overwhelming demand. In the first two months, we saw over 600 customers from across Australia and so many people messaged us saying they were coming from different cities to create memories with their loved ones and it really made us feel like we were doing something special.”

DIY kits

If you’re not local to Sydney, fear not, The Fluid Project, has taken the internet by storm and is now available globally in the form of DIY kits. 

Fu continued: “We quickly recognised the opportunity to reach our international audience and launched DIY Fluid Kits in late November. Our mission is to expand Fluid across the globe to bring a new and connective experience worldwide!”

Group Bookings

Catering for all bookings, The Fluid Project can host unique experiences incorporating creative play via fluid art, pouring paints and its trademark artwork sculptures.  

From Corporate group bookings to kids parties the space can be hired for up to 40 people exclusively for functions and events. 

Whether it’s your next date night, corporate bonding session or family funday, it’s time to jump on the magical trend that’s sweeping the country and unleash your inner child at The Fluid Project.

Bookings start from just $70 pp and DIY kits cost the same!

You can follow The Fluid Project on socials via @thefluidproject.

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