Let’s talk about sex baby! Most people in Australia are doing it, but a recent survey showed that unfortunately not a lot of people are doing it safely, particularly women.

But never fear Moments condoms, a new brand in the Australian (male) condom market, are here to empower women to celebrate and protect their sexual health and enjoy sex safely. It should come as no surprise that women like to have sex just as much as men do. So why should women feel anything less than confident when it comes to buying and carrying condoms? Moments condoms believe that women should have no hesitation when deciding to make the fun times, safe times.


Moments male condoms are designed for pleasure and durability, two things you absolutely want in the bedroom. Made to the highest standards use premium latex, they rigorously test each and every one of their condoms so there won’t be any unwanted surprises.

The range:

DOTTED Enjoy a little extra friction in the bedroom. Dotted 3 pack $4.59 Dotted 10 pack $7.99

ULTIMATE The Ultimate condoms will cover you on the floor (or bed, or washing machine). Ultimate 3 pack $4.59 Mixed 10 pack $7.99

ULTRA THIN The Ultra-Thin condoms will help you have a super-close encounter. Ultra Thin 3 pack $4.59 Ultra Thin 10 pack $7.99

Moments condoms also donate 5% of the RRP from every pack sole to the McGrath Foundation in support of women’s health. Yay!

Be a part of the Moments Movement head to: www.momentscondoms.com.au

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