Currently it is more important than ever to focus on your health and wellbeing! With this in mind  let us introduce you to BetterBare Co. BetterBare Co. is revolutionising the wellness industry by making it easier and tastier than ever to take your daily supplements, with the launch of a range of delicious gummy vitamins.

BetterBare empowers you to treat yourself and build a wellness ritual you actually enjoy. Made in New Zealand, the BetterBare range is:
● Formulated as naturally “bare” as possible, without the use of artificial flavours, colours
or sweeteners
● Cane sugar free and sweetened with New Zealand manuka honey
● Made using science-backed, food-derived, tasty ingredients

The recommended dose is two gummies daily, to provide an instant boost of beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals (on top of a healthy balanced diet of course!) BetterBare has launched into the Australian market with three key product offerings:
● BeautyBare, a collagen-based, vitamin and antioxidant-filled gummy that is designed to support skin elasticity and hydration along with hair and nail health.
● TummyBare, a probiotic and kiwi-derived prebiotic gummy, that supports digestion and aids in microbiome balance.
● SleepyBare, with herbs, vitamins and minerals to reduce stress after an active day, and support deep and restful sleep.

BetterBare gummies retail for $69.99 with 60 gummies per bottle. Recommended serving is 2gummies daily. Stocked exclusively online at:

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