Plants are the new pets! No only are they super cute, they make a space look great, they are good for us and it is very hard to stop at one (I am definitely a crazy plant lady!) If you are a proud plant parent like me you know how much of your heart and soul goes into keeping your plants alive however, sometimes it can be super challenging!

Sydney Social 101 recently spoke with the team at new Bondi Junction lifestyle concept store Gro Urban Oasis about their top tips for indoor plant care.

Established in 2018, Gro Urban Oasis offers city dwellers an engaging and informative retail
environment in major urban areas within Sydney. They now have stores in Westfield Miranda,
Westfield Warringah Mall, Rouse Hill Town Centre and  Westfield Bondi Junction. Filled with plants, pots, greenery and contemporary lifestyle products, Gro Urban Oasis inspires and educates
customers in pursuit of a healthier and greener city life.

Top 5 Indoor Plant Care Tips:
1. Keep it Green and clean – wipe leaves down regularly with a moist cloth to keep dust from blocking plants breathing holes and keep leaves shiny.

2. Drainage – plants generally hate to sit in water, so pop some pebbles under them to keep the drainage holes from being submerged.

3. Spa treatment – give your indoor plants a shower every few months and soak in a shallow bath (or sink) every week of you can.

4. Tidy – remove old leaves and damaged growth, and any pests or disease you see as soon as they appear.  Plant hygiene will keep them thriving

5. Light – remember to match plants to their growing conditions.  Flowering plants generally like a bright spot where as large leafed foliage plants can usually copy with darker positions.

For more information or to get a new plant to add to your collection visit:
Location: Gro Urban Oasis at Bondi Junction
Opening hours:
Monday – Wednesday 9am – 6pm
Thursday 9am – 9pm, Saturday 9am – 6pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm

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