In a global first, Australian company, Made By Cow,  has developed a safe way for people to enjoy the  benefits of untreated milk, without resorting to the use of heat pasteurisation, which has been known to deplete milk’s natural nutrients.

Up until now, untreated milk, often known as raw milk, has needed to be heated to at least 72 degrees to destroy harmful bacteria. It is also often subjected to separation, homogenisation, recombining and standardisation, before finally being bottled and sold on shelf in Australian supermarkets.

Made By Cow uses a new, patented, breakthrough method approved by the New South Wales Food Authority. The world-first technology focuses on careful herd management and more hygienic milking practices from a single Jersey herd on the New South Wales South Coast to produce higher quality milk. The milk is bottled straight from the farm and immediately placed under cold high pressure. This pressure destroys the harmful pathogens, whilst being gentler on milk’s natural nutrients. The result is a safe, unaltered, deliciously creamy, cold pressed raw milk.

The nutritional profile of Made By Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk is almost identical to raw milk. It’s filled with Protein, Potassium, Calcium (38% RDI*), Vitamin B2 (52% RDI*) and Vitamin B12 (48% RDI*). In addition, the live enzymes in Made By Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk remain intact.

The Made By Cow range includes: Cold Pressed Raw Milk and Cold Pressed Raw Probiotic Kefir in Natural, Coconut and Strawberry.

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