It is National Op Shop Week this week (Sunday 21st August – Saturday 27th August)! National Op Shop Week seeks to raise awareness of the importance of supporting op shops in our community. Salvos Stores is supporting National Op Shop Week with the launch of their new Fashion with a Conscience campaign.

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Fashion with a Conscience encourages customers to Reuse, Recycle & Reinvent fashion by shopping at their local Salvos Store. Not only do Salvos Stores divert 15,000 tonnes of clothing and household items per year from landfill, but if every Australian recycled one T-shirt or a pair of jeans each year, we would recover billions of litres of water!


In Sydney, Salvos Stores Darlinghurst will feature a Salvos Capsule Wardrobe display to inspire their savvy shoppers, with each wardrobe consisting of stylish outfits for all occasions for less than $250 (for the entire wardrobe!). Customers in each state will be able to vote for their favourite Salvos Capsule Wardrobe via the Salvos Stores Facebook page to win a $500 gift card.

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Faye De Lanty, eco stylist, fashion commentator and Ambassador for Salvos Stores, says “Fashion with a Conscience is about being caring, mindful and thoughtful with your fashion dollar. Sourcing your wardrobe from a charity like Salvos Stores not only helps those less fortunate but our planet too. Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries in the world, that’s why it’s so important to reuse, reinvent and recycle our clothing as often as we can.


Do you really need that new top or another handbag? Stop and think, maybe you could op shop it and give the planet and those less fortunate some love instead. Never think that an op shop can’t be current, fashionable or cool. Second hand can be seriously eco chic, you just need a little know how and a mindful heart.”

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Faye De Lanty’s Tips for Op Shopping:

  1. Basics are key. Look for jeans, blazers, white tees, beige and navy item and black pants. Salvo’s Stores are full of brilliant basics.
  2. Take pics of outfits you like with you for inspiration and ideas on what to look for.
  3. Upcycle, upcycle, upcycle. Add some feather trim to a black skirt or perhaps add some rockin’ patches to a denim jacket. The options and ideas are endless.


Salvos Stores have been helping struggling families and individuals for 130 years, and have raised millions of dollars to support The Salvation Army. By taking part in National Op Shop Week as well as shopping and donating at your community Salvos Store, you are supporting the mission and programs of The Salvation Army. Salvos Stores use all their proceeds to fund vital work in the community on a weekly basis.

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Find your nearest Salvos Stores by entering your postcode at:

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