International party juggernaut, A Club Called Rhonda is coming to Australia for the first time ever on Saturday, August 24 at The Lansdown Hotel in Chippendale.

Picnic and Terzini presents Rhonda INTL ‘A Night in LA’, an explosive and permissive LA party breaking stereotypical norms one dance beat at a time. Known for its fabulously diverse crowd, immersive environments, and packed dance floors, the cultural event will be making waves in Sydney this month.

Since 2008, A Club Called Rhonda has created a community that unifies the worlds of dynamic and tasteful music from boundary-pushing artists, fearless gender self- expression, sex-positive affirmative sexuality, and highbrow hedonism. Rhonda Intl builds an extravagant space for the young and the relentless to celebrate the highest ideals of genre-defying dance music, aggressive glamour, and openmindedness.

Founders Loren Granich (aka Goddollars) and Gregory Alexander created Rhonda as a monthly party beneath LA’s scattered skyline out of a desire to abolish artificial social, sexual and musical concepts in nightlife by bringing people together in the pure spirit of dance music’s roots. Since its creation, Rhonda has thrown down in LA, San Francisco, New York, Miami and internationally in Toronto, Vancouver, Berlin, London, Mexico City and now Sydney.

What better place to hold this one-of-a-kind party than Sydney’s The Lansdowne Hotel; an institution and cultural hub for permissive parties, touring local and international bands and a late-night club house for emerging artists. Kicking off from 9:00pm, Rhonda will be bringing back the glory days of Sydney pre-2014 with new licensing permitting the party to end at 5:00am.

If anyone can encourage young people to celebrate their nightlife, it’s Rhonda. Attendees can expect a fabulous and over the top party across two floors, with an abundance of lasers, glitter and colours.

Representing Rhonda’s international sound are American + Canadian DJs and queer icons: Montreal’s ghetto-house revivalist Martyn Bootyspoon, Atlanta’s genre-flipping QTPOC crusader Leonce and Rhona and co-founder and in-demand DJ – GODDOLLARS.  Locally the party is reinforced by Australian queer royalty and legends in the global dance scene Stereogamous who’ll be joined by Sarah Moany,  Irregular Fit’s champion for diversification Ayebatonye; some of Sydney’s most trusted DJs in the form of Kali  Adi Toohey  Luen, Carla Uriarte and a diverse range of hosts and performers who’ll be adding unexpected magic to the two floors of music – Aaron Manhattan, Beau Kirk, Millie Skyes, Uda and Felicia Foxx.

Adding another element to the already glamourous weekend, Picnic and Terzini will bringing out American Bartender of the Year, Yael Vengroff to curate drinks for a special Aperitivo part of the evening. From 9pm to 10:30pm, guests can experience drinks by Yael, the bar director at The Spare Room in LA’s Roosevelt Hotel and Genghis Cohen.

When: Saturday, August 24th 2019
Where: The Lansdowne Hotel, Chippendale
Time: 9pm – 5am
Tickets: $30 – $40 – ttps://

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