Uncle Kurt is everyone’s favourite uncle! He spins fresh and old school hip-hop beats, he makes killer cocktails, he is cool with having youth graffiti on his wall, his fridge is always full of the best deli meats and he sure sure knows how to throw a party!!


Located under the city centre parking station in Parramatta, Uncle Kurt’s Bar is the glorious fusion of a straight out of New York Jewish Deli and a Brooklyn Dive Bar. The winner of this year’s Time Out award for Sydney’s Best Neighbourhood Bar, Uncle Kurt’s Bar serves up grungy feels, hip-hop street vibes, killer pastrami sandwiches, world-class cocktails, local craft beers and rye whisky.


Inspired by trips to the United States, owner and creator George Makram set about turning a boring office space under a car park into Parramatta’s cosy slice of down town Brooklyn for locals and visitors alike. George called in the help of youth graffiti-ers to go tag-crazy on the walls of the space while a graffiti artist sprayed on the centrepiece of the space- an image of the Statue Of Liberty holding a meat cleaver. Drinkers and diners are invited to take on the scavenged second-hand tables and chairs which fill the subway train station inspired space.


Uncle Kurt’s prides itself on good service and a good time. Fast and friendly table service for both drinks and food is provided to guests. To eat, choose from hot dogs, pastrami po’boi, reuben sandwiches and other delicious goodies filled with deli meats. If you are a vego, never fear, they also serve up a divine sandwich filled with mushrooms, cheese and truffle!


To drink, choose from a delicious selection of cocktails including Flower Girl ( Chamomile vodka, raspberry and pimento shrub, citrus finished with fresh raspberry and spritz of edible perfume),  You Pretty Thing ( vodka, rose, rosemary and peychauds bitters) and All Gee (cognac, rye, aperol, absinthe) to name a few. Also on offer is a delicious range of beers and whisky.


So, whether you are a Parramatta local or not it is time to make the trip to visit your favourite uncle, Uncle Kurt for a cocktail, some deli meats and hip-hop beats!

Address: Beneath City Centre Carpark, Horwood Place, Parramatta


Tuesday-Thursday: 4pm- 10pm

Friday: 4pm- 12am

Saturday: 6pm- 12am

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