Faith Williams, Director of BLONDEE, has revealed the 5 most common bad hair habits she has seen over many years in hairdressing and had provided tips on how to break those habits.

Bad Habit 1: Avoiding regular trims because you are trying to ‘grow’ your hair
This is a big one! If I had a dollar every time someone has thought this, I’d be winning. When you get split ends, they continually split further up the hair shaft, which leaves you with thin, wispy ends which will eventually break off. If you get lots of breakage, this actually prevents you from being able to grow your hair. This totally defeats the purpose of what you’re trying to achieve!

BLONDEE tip: If you’re trying to grow your hair, you still need to get regular trims. This will actually promote healthy hair growth. I suggest getting a trim at least every 8 weeks to help keep your locks looking thicker and prevent breakage on the ends

Bad Habit 2: Forgetting to use heat protector
Heat can be one of the worst things we do to our hair but let’s face it, we all love a good curl or a straighten! Hot tools dry out your hair which can lead to lots of split ends, fade your colours and toners, and leave your hair always looking frizzy and unmanageable on the ends. Using heat protector is like using sunscreen when you are out in the sun. It minimises damage to your hair from hot tools, but it should also protect from sun damage including harmful UVA and UVB rays. Heat protector creates a barrier, locks in moisture and help to smooth the cuticle and fight frizz.

BLONDEE tip: A Blondee favourite is the Wella Professionals ‘Thermal Image’ heat protection spray, which is great product for all hair types and colours. I prefer using a spray heat protector as I find it easier to use when your hair is both wet and dry. Don’t forget that if you put heat protector on one day and then straighten it again the next day, you must use it again each time you use heat on your hair.

Bad Habit 3: Washing your hair too frequently
Freshly washed hair is always a great feeling, but unfortunately washing your hair every day is not always the best idea. It can not only dry out your hair it can also dry out your scalp. Your hair will generally start to overproduce too many natural oils to compensate you washing your hair so often so you will feel like you have to wash your hair every day otherwise it’s oily.

Get some dry shampoo it will change your life. It allows you to get you extra days out of your hair. Not only that you can actually create some amazing hairstyles with dirty hair! Try a messy low bun with a scrunchie. Not only will no one notice that dirty hair, but they will think you put lots of effort into it when in reality you only took a few minutes!

BLONDEE tip: Aim to wash your hair twice a week if you can – unless you get sweaty at the gym and need to wash it 3 times. My most favourite dry shampoo ever is the DETOX dry shampoo by DRYBAR from Sephora.

Bad Habit 4: Overdoing the toner
So many people constantly overtone their blonde hair thinking it will make it go blonder and brighter. Blonde shampoo and treatments help to eliminate golden tones in your hair as the violet counteracts gold. But if you have toned out the gold in one wash and continue to use it too much, your blonde actually begins to go darker as the violet and blue tones build up in the hair and make it look lifeless and dull. Crazy right!

BLONDEE tip: Your hair and the strength of your products will determine how often you should use it. If you want a bright creamy blonde, I usually recommend using blonde shampoo or treatment once every 3 washes. If you wash your hair once per week, you should use it once every 3 weeks.

Bad Habit 5: Paying top dollar to go blonde in the salon and not using professional products at home
When you go lighter, you really do need to ensure you are using a good combination of strengthening treatments and also adding some extra hydration into the hair, for example a leave-in moisturiser. This is honestly a non-negotiable for going blonde!

Professional products have a higher concentration of ingredients compared to non-professional products. This means products that you will find in salon have not been diluted and are of a higher quality, meaning your hair will benefit quicker from such ingredients penetrating the hair shaft and working internally and not just cosmetically sitting on the outside of the hair.

BLONDEE tip: Add a leave-in moisturiser to your hair care routine when you get out of the shower and have freshly washed your hair. I recommend the Kevin Murphy ‘Untangled’ Leave in conditioner spray for hair hydration, mixed with a few drops of the System Professional ‘Luxe Oil’ for keratin protection. These two products together will leave your hair feeling absolutely amazing!


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