She’s the name synonymous with high end hair extensions and luscious lengths, and now extension expert Emilly Hadrill has launched her very first Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions NSW salon in Sydney’s stylish suburb of Paddington.

Sydney Social 101 recently popped into Emilly’s brand new salon to chat with her about all things hair extensions!

How did you get into the business of hair extensions and what is your favourite part about being in the biz?

I got into hair extensions from having them myself, and falling in love with the difference they make. I think it’s amazing to be able to make such a difference to someone’s hair and see how much more confidence that gives them.

How has the industry changed over the time you have been in the biz?

When I began my business in 2007 there was very few hair extension specialist salons, or even salons that did hair extensions. Over the past 11 years the market has grown incredibly. This has been exciting to see how many people have realised how hair extensions can be used in so many different ways to change their look. Whether it be for length, thickness or even adding or changing the colour of their hair.

Where does the hair used for the hair extensions come from?

We use J’adore Hair Supplies’ Indian and Russian hair. We find this to be perfect due to the quality and the fact that it is ethically sourced. They have hair collectors that purchase pony tails which means the donor receives a payment and the hair is amazing quality.

How do you match the colour to the client’s hair?

We keep around 15 different shades in stock so we are always able to match the colour, and we will use as many shades as needed to create the perfect blended result. We also offer all hairdressing services so if a client is thinking about changing their hair colour as well as getting extensions, we can also do that.

Weft, microbead, tape and invisible tape. What is the difference between the four methods and which would you recommend?

The most popular method that we offer is our invisible tapes. They are applied in the same way as traditional tapes, however they are much more discreet due to the way they are made. The hairs are all hand tied into the top of the bond so it appears to look like hair growing from the head. They are incredibly flat so they are very comfortable and easy to maintain. i highly recommend these as they work for most hair types. Our wefts are applied in rows and our micro beads are individual bonds so they are good for some clients but won’t provide a look as voluminous as the invisible tapes.

What is the maintenance for hair extensions and how long will they usually last?

We are very particular about the care of the natural hair and always suggest to our clients to return every 4-6 weeks for maintenance on their extensions. This is because when we apply the extensions we are putting on a specific amount of hair, and then every day we shed natural hair so as time goes on the more hair we lose the less strength there is holding onto the extension. If left too long, the extension will be held by fewer hairs and it can put too much pressure and strain causing damage. Client’s can keep doing this 4-6 week maintenance until they feel the hair is too dry or they want a longer look, which for most people is around 6-9 months.

Have you had any unusual requests with hair extensions?

I haven’t had anything too unusual but of course over the years of doing extensions, there have been some strange moments, such as getting calls from men asking for extensions for a fancy dress party and things like that!

Address: 230 Glenmore Rd, Paddington NSW 2021


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