Stress relief, working out some knots, pure relaxation or mending an injury, whatever the reason you get a massage for there is even more reason to get a massage more frequently as Massage Envy has arrived in Australia! With new massage studios recently opened in both Paddington and Lane Cove, Massage Envy is the new go-to place for amazing, therapeutic massages and phenomenal facials at reasonable prices and in a beautiful studio!


Offering a range of services from relaxation massages and remedial massages to aromatherapy massages and deep tissue massages and also facials including anti-ageing facials, pigment balancing facials and hydrating and nourishing facials, Massage Envy tailors every treatment to the individual’s needs and desires. They also offer enhanced therapy extras including BioFreeze therapy and Derma.Pod microdermabrasion so you can make the most of your treatment.


Often seen as a treat or something you do only when you are on holidays (couples massage by the beach anyone?), a massage or a facial is often classed as a ‘sometimes thing’ often because it is seen as unaffordable or a luxury. But that is now all about to change! Fourteen years after creating an industry-leading business model in the United States focused on affordable massage and skincare memberships, Massage Envy is expanding its “Total Body Care” concept to Sydney so Sydney-siders can enjoy affordable and fantastic massages and facials more often. Massage Envy believes total body care is an integral part of everyone’s well-being journey.

Massage Envy

Through its innovative membership model, Massage Envy enables customers to utilise and view massage and skincare services as a regular part of their wellness routine, rather than as a luxury or only on special occasions. This belief fits with the Australian culture of putting a focus on well-being measures – like regular massages – and other complementary therapies to increase their quality of life. Massage Envy is set to transform regular complementary medicine choices such as massage by offering a convenient, ongoing body maintenance option.


Massage Envy membership makes massages and facials affordable and helps clients include these health care services more often in their routine (I mean, who doesn’t want massages and facials more often?). The membership is only $79.00 per month and includes:

-One customised 60-minute massage or facial each month

– Unlimited additional massages and facials throughout the month at a low membership rate

– Flexible booking options


The service at Massage Envy is incredible too; it is personalised, thorough, professional and well informed.  You leave feeling welcomed, informed about what is going on in your muscles, beautifully relaxed and absolutely beaming.

So for quality, professional, relaxing and affordable facials and massages, head into Massage Envy and get yourself a membership! Your body and your wallet will truly thank you!

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