It can be so hard to find the perfect colour lipstick with your ideal finish. Either lipstick colours are too light, too orange, not pink enough, too glossy or discontinued (The most horrid word when it comes to lipsticks colours that you actually like)! This is when The Lip Lab steps in and saves the day by allowing you to choose and mix pigments to create your ideal lipstick colour that will never be discontinued.


Sydney Social 101 recently visited The Lip Lab Paddington to create a perfect deep berry shade for winter. Upon arrival we met our fabulous and fun professional colour consultant who has a background as a makeup artist. We discussed what colours I normally wear, what I like to experiment with, textures I prefer, whether I like a crème finish or matte finish and also the weirdest and wildest colours she has been asked to make.

 After the consultation, the pigment mixing began. Blue, pink, white, yellow. The consultant measured out droplets of colour onto a sheet, recording each drop that was measured out onto a document next to her. Each measurement of colour is recorded to ensure that the colourists can match the exact same colour lipstick for you the next time you wish to order it- no struggling to get the same colour again here!


Once all the pigments are measured out and mixed together you then need to choose what base and finish you would like: Creme or matte. I went for a crème as I live for a shinier finish. A small portion of the colour is then mixed with your chosen base for you to test out. I loved my first test colour but wished it was a little lighter and a little pinker. And then, just like that, the colour consultant added a bit of this and a bit of that to the colour and created a lighter and pinker colour. I tried on the colour again and made a few more adjustments here and there until my dream colour was made!


Next, I was presented with some goodies that I could add to my lip colour including a variety of flavours (I chose Raspberry to keep in theme), lip conditioners, lip plumpers, sun protection and an anti- ager to prevent lipstick from feathering and creeping into fine lines. I chose to add a lip conditioned and lip pumper to help me get the perfect pout.


With the colour, flavour and finishes decided upon it was time to create the lipstick. The process involved heating, mixing and then cooling the product in one of their state of the art lipstick moulds. And then voila, my perfect lippy ready to use.

I put my new lippy on and started pouting up a storm, but then it was time for the hardest part- Naming my lipstick (I think this part would be easier after a glass of bubbles). Names, ideas and puns were thrown around and then we finally decided on a name- Razzle- Berry!


I love wearing my new lipstick colour! Everyone asks where I got it and I love telling everyone that I got to create the colour myself. I will definitely be reordering this colour and I might have to get a few extra for my friends who have been eyeing it off!

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