A great pair of long, fluttery and fabulous false eyelashes is a must-have staple in woman’s make up bag! Personally I have several pairs of different styles of false eyelashes in my make up bag for every occasion and every look! (You can never have enough eyelashes right?!)

And now I think I am going to need a bigger make up bag because iconic Australian beauty brand 1000 Hour has just launched their brand new lash collections with stunning news styles and a completely new and refreshed look. Yippy!

Made from synthetic fibres and tested on beauties not bunnies, the new collection of 1000 Hours eye lashes not only make you look fabulous, they are also fabulous for animal lovers (No animals tested on here!).

Waterproof, reusable and simple to apply the new lash range, which includes both individual lashes and strip lashes, last up to 3 days per application. Each lash pack contains one pair of re-usable lashes (or a set of individual lashes) and also includes hypoallergenic adhesive.

The new 1000 Hour lash range features the following collections and styles:

Classic Collection

  • Demure: This dense, separated lash has been formulated to add length and mystery.
  • Vogue: Long and dense, this lash is there to help you strike a pose!
  • Drama: A dense lash that adds a little drama.
  • Kitten: With an added wing, this lash definitely has flare.
  • Showgirl: An extreme lash, you’ll be ready for all the cameras.

Natural Collection

  • MySelfie: The lashes to take the perfect selfie. This style, is light, natural and designed to be instaworthy.
  • Boho: Designed to amp up your natural look with wispy length and volume.
  • Envious: Separated lash that defines, lengthens and will definitely be envied.

Individual Collection

If you are like me and sometimes struggle putting on individual lashes, check out this tutorial for tips: https://1000hour.com.au/blogs/videos/apply-individual-lashes-like-a-pro-with-womens-fitness

  • Short-Medium: Perfect for creating your own lash density, these individuals are buildable and add a little length.
  • Medium-Long: For when you want more length!

My personal favourites:

Showgirl: For a night out with the girls!

Vogue: Perfect for a hot date!

Boho: For day to day fabulousness!

New 1000 Hour Lashes are available now for a RRP of $9.49 at Priceline and online at www.1000hour.com.au

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