Are you constantly rummaging through your handbag looking for a make-up brush? Or do you always find your lipsticks getting damaged because they lose their lids floating around in your bag? Fear these beauty travesties no longer with Pressplay Cosmetics!

Pressplay Cosmetics is a revolutionary concept that’s rewriting the beauty rule book. In one smartphone-sized capsule, you can store all of your essential beauty products for on-the-go application anytime, anywhere. Simply customise your suite of products, selecting from Pressplay’s vast and versatile range, load them into the Pressplay Capsule and your tailored beauty solution is complete.

The Pressplay Capsule is a custom engineered, portable storage solution that can hold seven individual products and mirror. Efficient yet stylish, lightweight yet strong, the Pressplay Capsule captures the essence of modern design principles.

The Pressplay Cosmetics range consists of 27 products, with further products including fragrance in development. Liquid products come in unique mini tubes and powder products in custom discs that click into the bottom of the Pressplay Capsule. The range includes; foundation, concealer, highlighter, powder, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pen, face cream, sun cream, hand cream and hand sanitizer. All the key essentials for maximum impact with a minimum of fuss.

Pressplay Cosmetics are produced in some of the most advanced cosmetic laboratories in Italy, Germany and Australia – highly pigmented, long lasting cosmetics that deliver radiant results. Pressplay Cosmetics are proudly cruelty free. Available exclusively via

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