The first face wash and face moisturiser I ever used was Sebamed. I was 13 years old and my skin was starting to become a little difficult so I started using my mother’s skincare products before I got my own. Even when I did get my own products I still favoured my mother’s Sebamed products as they were gentle on my skin yet effective.

Launched in 1963 Sebamed makes looking after your skin super simple with all products tailored to a pH of 5.5 – the pH of healthy skin. This means that Sebamed’s cleansing and skincare products are designed in accordance with the physiological conditions and requirements of healthy as well as sensitive, problematic or diseased skin.

Developed with the guidance of Dermatologists, Pharmacists and Hospitals Sebamed products are soap, paraben and alkali free and work to support and sustain the skins natural acid mantle. Using high-quality, non-allergenic and non-gimmicky ingredients, Sebamed products are well known for aiding in healing sensitive and problematic skin.

The Sebamed range spans to include face wash, moisturiser, body wash, baby products, deodorants and hair care products. Here are some of my top Sebamed must-haves:

Liquid Face & Body Wash 300ml Pump- RRP $12.99

  • Gently cleanses deep into pores, without drying out the skin. • An effective moisturizing complex, containing essential skin related amino acids, vitamins and lecithin, promotes the moisturize retaining capacity of your skin • Vitamin E scavenges free-radicals • Skin-related squalane supports the maintenance of the skin’s moisture balance

Moisturising Cream 75ml – RRP $14.99

  • Active moisturizing complex increases the lipid content and hydration of the skin to safeguard against premature ageing • Regular use prevents the formation of wrinkles and lines and increases the skin’s ability to bind moisture • With 26% lipid content – makes skin soft and smooth • Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals, which cause premature ageing • Rapid absorption

Clear Face Anti-Pimple Gel 10ml – RRP $9.99

  • Inhibits the growth of acne bacteria with the active ingredient Chloroxylenol combined with the pH value of 5.5 • The moisturizing agents (cucumber extract and hydrolyzed silk) protect against flaky patches, when the pimple is dried out • Bisabolol, the active ingredient of camomile, soothes irritation • Soothing and astringent effect with witch hazel • Panthenol supports the regeneration of the inflamed pores • Allantoin smoothes rough and scaly skin

Deodorant SPRAY 24hr Care 75ml – $9.99

• Supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle • Intelligent deodorization – without harmful chemicals and metal derivatives • Inhibits the proliferation of odour causing bacteria • Trilipid active ingredient complex ensures lasting protection and gentle treatment of the sensitive axilla area • Does not impede the physiological functions of the sweat glands

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