We all love going to the beautician to get a facial but when it comes to getting a professional clean of our teeth we often find ourselves skipping appointments or trying to avoid them all together.

Some people find professional dental cleans costly, uncomfortable (Especially if you have sensitive teeth) or don’t get their desired results when they go in for their treatment. However, fear professional dental cleans no longer with AIRFLOW© Dental Spa!

AIRFLOW© Dental Spa is a teeth cleaning service akin to spa treatment for your mouth – think of it as exfoliation for your teeth! The new device cleans your teeth using only high pressure warm water and cleansing powder. No invasive processes, no old-school scrape & clean. You will walk away with brighter, whiter and stronger teeth after experiencing the AIRFLOW.

Sydney Social 101 was recently lucky enough to pop in for a much needed AIRFLOW treatment at Macquarie Street Dental.

After being warmly welcomed by the team I met with my lovely Dental Hygienist to begin my treatment. The treatment began with the clinician checking my mouth to identify any dental decay or gum disease. Next a disclosing agent was applied to my teeth to make my dental plaque visible which not only helps the clinician to see exactly where she needed to clean but also allowed the clinician to give me tips on my flossing and brushing routine which was great!

Next, it was cleaning time! AIRFLOW uses a combination of air, fine powder and warm water to create a spray that gently exfoliates your teeth, without the device physically touching your teeth. AIRFLOW can be customised to suit the client in terms of water temperature and coarseness of powder. AIRFLOW can also be used around braces and implants. For me the cleaning process was quick, very comfortable and the results were brilliant- my teeth were so clean! The session ended with some final tips about keeping my teeth clean in between appointments and then I was on my way with a big, clean smile on my face!

To book in your airflow cleaning appointment head to: https://airflowdentalspa.com.au/

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