You have probably seen and heard about the Peppy Co LED Mask on Instagram alot lately! I know I have,  so I decided to give it a test drive to see what all the hype is all about!

Designed to offer an easy, safe and affordable solution for perfect facial skin – this medical grade LED Mask harnesses a full spectrum of therapeutic blue, red and yellow lights that zap acne-causing bacteria, detoxifies skin, and prevents wrinkles.I have been using the Peppy Co LED Mask for the last two weeks and am absolutely loving it! It is easy and quick to use- you only need 10 minutes per treatment. There are three treatments to choose from: Blue light for acne, red light for anti-aging and yellow light for pigmentation. I have been alternating my treatments between the red light and the yellow light and have found that the pigmentation on my forehead is gradually fading and my skin is looking more youthful and fresh.

Not only am I loving this mask for it’s results, I am also loving this mask because when you wear it you can’t see anything which means while you are   having your 10 minute treatment you need to sit back, relax and meditate – no checking your phone every 2 minutes or staring at the TV. Heaven! Highly recommend!

Blue Light (460-470nm)

Affects the oil glands and kills acne causing bacteria beneath your skin. This helps combat the appearance of acne, makes you skin less oily and promotes anti-inflammatory effects.

Red Light (620-630nm)

Absorbed by the outer layer of your skin and promotes the production of Collagen and Elastin fibers. This slows the signs of ageing and revitalises the appearance of your skin.

Yellow Light (580-590nm)

Promotes the alternating function of cell oxygen, helps prevent pigmentation and sun-damage.

To get your hands on your own Peppy Co LED Light Therapy Mask head to:

RRP: $179.00

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