We’re now hurtling into the hairy home-straight of Movember and boy, have we seen some serious Mos this year!

Sydney Social 101 kicked off the month of Mo by joining Rolling Stone Australia and Uppercut Deluxe at The Movember Foundation official launch party. , Bondi saw some of Australia’s hottest artists bringing the party including: The Delta Riggs, Kingswood, I know Leopard, Steve Smyth and Polish Club.  Read more of the details here: http://sydneysocial101.com/whats-on-101-movember-launch-party-hits-the-beach-road-hotel/


Before the party, however, was the serious business of preparing for the onslaught of hairiness by revealing a clean canvas in style! SS101’s contributor, Richard, plus friend of the site, Joe, agreed to take part in the big Shave Down –an attempt to break the World Record for the most number of shaves in one day. The fear of the cut throat razor was eased by Birra Moretti providing the beers, renowned Australian Street Artist, Steen Jones painting live at the event and Movember’s resident DJ Frendy fuelling the room with some energetic beats.


A few celebs joined the Shave Down including former INXS rock star and Movember Ambassador Kirk Pengilly who had his wife, former World Champion Surfer Layne Beachley, shave off his signature mo to show his support. Osher Gunsberg also took a seat in the barber chair whilst Miss Australia, Monika Radulovic gave her boyfriend a facial grooming. It was a terrific atmosphere and with the dedication of the Uppercut Deluxe Barber Ambassadors, they managed to break Movember’s World Record for the most cut throat shaves in one day, shaving a total of 167 men which is a great achievement! And I think you’ll agree, our boys looked very suave and smooth (if slightly pale around the chops) as a result.

Boys crop


But what’s happened since? Well, Joe has taken his mo-growing very seriously and fund-raising like mad for the very worthy men’s health charity, The Movember Foundation. Check his Mo page here. I caught up with him at the end of the first week and asked him to tell me a little about hiJoe's Mo Week 1s team and how the mo was shaping up:

Week 1

“I’m doing Movember with a team called the Mo’s that Know who are 4 gents from the HR squad at work. Little did I know but they didn’t all start clean shaven to get the jump on me! We hold regular meetings and discuss a few minor styling points but it’s early days yet so it is more a case of laying the foundations of the style you want for later fine tweaking. Broader coverage is the name of the game, possibly even for the next week as well before you can start moulding “the look”. It’s early days but I’m thinking I may well go for the full Tom Selleck/Magnum PI style…We’ve managed to raise $150 so far which is pretty good considering we haven’t really done much yet!”

I don’t think Joe will have much trouble with that judging by this photo!


Week 2

Joe's Mo Week 2“Steady progress this week and I’ve been getting into the zone of the Tom Selleck experience by growing the chest hair out, solving crime/driving fast cars/hitting on girls named Monica and other manly pursuits. The base level mo is there, now it will all be about styling, filling it out and generally trying to out Tom Selleck Tom Selleck! I have never been a fan of the no facial hair/semi bald head so I am back to clean shaven all over, except the mo of course. With this comes great sacrifice, as my girlfriend, May, is not the biggest fan of me sans any hair, but it’s a small price to pay for helping cancer research. The team has now raised close to $500 so we are tracking well.”

I can certainly see the Tom resemblance shaping up nicely!




Week 3

Joe Mo Week 3

“Well now the mo is turning serious and having very unintended effects! I just walked up to one of my stakeholders at work and he said ‘woah!’. And not woah in a surprised way, something slightly more erotic than that. He is married with kids.

I was also in a very serious meeting this morning with the whole team, asked my manager’s boss a question and just got a puzzled look in return. I’m not sure how seriously people can take me with it. Hmm, this last week may be more difficult than I thought. At least the fundrasing is going well; the team is up to $780 but we’d really like to get it over $1000. Also, I’ve only reached $105 out of my personal target of $500. I need to get working on that!”


If you’d like to help Joe meet his target and raise funds to assist The Movember Foundation with a wide range of men’s health and well being projects, go to his mospace and donate here: http://mobro.co/joefriend


Have you or your mates been doing Movember? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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