Call Mulder and Scully because vodka filled aliens have landed on our shores! (cue The X-Files theme song!)


Greetings Earthlings! Outer Space Vodka, the hottest Vodka brand in the United States has finally landed (or should that be invaded) on Australian shores. Made in the USA, Outer Space Vodka is a neutral multi-distilled (five- times distilled to be exact) spirit made from Midwest American grain and claims to be filtered through meteorites (I am not too sure if this is true or not but if it is…. Amazing!!) This intergalactic corn vodka is 100% gluten free and has an ultra-smooth and clean taste, perfect for a hot summer’s day over ice with your favourite mixer.

The playful and fun vodka also has a serious side, having enjoyed huge success in the United States and picking up a Gold Medal at the 2016 Sip Awards. (Congrats Outer Space Vodka!)


The vodka is seriously amazing and the bottle is too! The bottle is made out of thick, green glass and is designed as an Alien head. It is definitely a stand out at the bottle shop and in your liquor cabinet. The unique and distinctive glass bottle in the ultimate conversation starter and absolutely perfect for Instagramable moments.


Suspicious of humans (probably because we want to drink them all), Outer Space Vodka is available in 700ml bottles for RRP $64.99 or in smaller 50ml bottles for RRP $9.99 (the perfect stocking filler, Kris Kringle pressies or gift for someone who has everything).


So whether you like it for the bottle or for the deliciously smooth vodka inside (or both), this festive season Australian’s will be getting ‘beamed up’ by Outer Space Vodka…. responsibly of course!

Outer Space Vodka

700ml bottles for RRP $64.99

50ml bottles for RRP $9.99

Available in Dan Murphy’s and all other out of this world liquor shops!

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