It’s dry July and if you are giving up or cutting down on alcohol this July here are our top non-alcohol options!

Capital Brewing Co.’s ALC-LESS

Full of flavour, Capital Brewing Co.’s ALC-LESS is a tropical Pacific Ale is everything showcases everything an alcoholic brew has with less of the tomfoolery. Delightfully refreshing, ALC-LESS is fresh, crisp and clean with a smooth, satisfying finish.

RRP: $44.99

Available at:

Freixenet Alcohol Removed Sparkling Rosé

With wild berries on the nose and floral notes, expect a full-bodied palate that is both fruity and fresh.

Available via: Jimmy Brings

RRP: Per bottle $15 RRP, down from $17 RRP

Better Beer Zero Alc

It’s crisp, refreshing, and is the perfect beer for when you’re not drinking beers.

Available via: Jimmy Brings

RRP: 2 x 6 packs for $30 RRP, Save $6NON3 TOASTED CINNAMON & YUZU

Bright, tart and balanced with a savory undertone.

RRP: $30

Available at:

Seadrift Classic

Seadrift Classic Non-Alcoholic Spirit is a bracing infusion of fresh coastal and sea botanicals, distilled in traditional copper pot stills to create an intense, refreshing, adult drink.

RRP: $55

Available at:

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