Released to market in 2020 and making it’s debut as the Official Vodka partner of The Australian Open Tennis in January 2021 – Grainshaker Vodka is an exciting addition to the Aussie white spirits market with their three uniquely Australian grain-led expressions.

“Grainshaker is a premium Australian Vodka that mixes the best of local produce and process,” says Top Shelf International’s Master Distiller Sebastian Reaburn. “We have combined the unique character of Australian grains with TSI’s distilling expertise and an Australian attitude to create a range of elevated, hand- crafted vodka products that are inclusive, fun and fit perfectly into the Australian way of life”.

Named after the original grain-sorters that cleaned, sorted and graded grains at each harvest, the brand favours the traditional process of manually ‘cutting’ the head and tails of distillate by taste, keeping only the quality ‘heart’ of the distillation.

Grainshaker is a craft brand with global ambitions, produced by Top Shelf International. At their state of the art, purpose-built Campbellfield distillery, scalability is at the forefront in order to service global demand, without sacrificing Grainshaker’s trademark personal touch.

Drink Notes:
Grainshaker Wheat – A combination of different wheat distillates blended and re-distilled together. Wheat is the
cornerstone of Russian vodka; it is synonymous with the spirit. This clean, light grain has notes of vanilla, citrus and a hint of anise. It pairs perfectly with lime, works harmoniously in cocktails and shines in a vodka spritz.

Grainshaker Corn – Distilled with a combination of wheat and corn. Famous for the flavour it gives to American whisky, corn is the grain gaining traction with innovative new spirit brands. Bringing softness and a hint of mellow caramel, corn is the warmest flavour in the Grainshaker line and craves to be coupled with the likes of coffee, ginger
beer and grapefruit.

Grainshaker Rye – Created with a combination of wheat and rye distillate. Rye is the traditional spirit grain of Poland, which is famous for bold vodkas and rye loaves. This smooth vodka is characterised by brooding spices, fresh bread, and an almost dark chocolate finish. Add a dash of fresh lime, or use in a vodka martini – for Reaburn, it’s made for dirty martinis.

Grainshaker is now available via their website and at select stockists.

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