The 19th of June is World Martini Day and Passoa is celebrating by sharing their Porn Star Martini recipe!

Passoa is a passionfruit liqueur that was invented in 1985. With a full-bodied sweetness that brings a twist and burst of zest to the palate. Passoa is made from real passionfruit from Brazil, it is an intensely stimulating flavour.

Passoa is a key ingredient to the Porn Star Martini which is a must-have for martini lovers.

Porn Star Martini


  • 40mL Passoã Passionfruit Liqueur
  • 40mL Vodka
  • 10mL Vanilla Syrup
  • 10mL Lime juice
  • 30mL Prosecco (Sparkling Wine)
  • 1 fresh passionfruit

Method: Pour Passoã Passionfruit Liqueur, vodka, Vanilla Syrup, lime juice, fresh passionfruit & ice into a shaker. Shake well and fine strain into a chilled Coupette glass. Garnish with 1 Passionfruit shell floating in the cocktail. Serve with a shot of Prosecco (Sparkling wine) on the side.

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