Can you do a back flip or high kick in your denim jeans and still feel comfortable and look stylish? If not, then you need a pair of these FORM jeans from Neuw Denim in your wardrobe. Phenomenal comfort, body-con denim and amazing silhouettes are all part of FORM, the new innovative denim capsule from Neuw jeans which recently launched.


This brand new collection was developed when Neuw began to look into why and where people were wearing their denim jeans and what they were doing in their jeans. The jeans were then designed to perform and to main­tain integrity through the rigors and adventures of modern life. Crafted from 13oz premium, high-tech stretch denim fabric, jeans from the FORM collection deliver ultimate and premium comfort as they have been made for movement and adventure. FORM is a new era in performance denim.pic 6

Neuw took the idea of the original raw, substantial fab­ric of denim jeans, broke it down and fused it with modern technology. What came of this is the next generation in real denim. This result was a substantial, tough, sharp and premium pair of denim jeans just like a raw and new pair of jeans but, that feel and behave like the jeans you have worn for years. The jeans feel like they are a part of your body. They are like a second, more stylish skin.

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As well as being created with premium stretch denim, FORM denim jeans have been designed with strategic dart placement to contour to the body and create a shape and amazing silhouette that is flattering to the human form. In the men’s range the dart is place at the inner panel of the knee for ease and comfort of wear and tapering of the leg profile. For the women’s collection the dart is located down the outer seam of the leg to create a slimline and contour effect. The women’s collection also features two standout jeans – ’Panel Blue’ and ‘Panel Black.’ The panels create a contouring effect with tonal highs and lows flattering the leg profile and forming a distinct feminine silhouette.

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FORM denim jeans are made for movement, high performance and adventure and are designed to be worn with purpose. So if you want to do a back flip on a motorcycle (or maybe something a slightly less adventurous) while wearing denim jeans then  head to Neuw’s website to check out the FORM collection:

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