Great characters, an action packed plot and stunning landscapes! The Legend of Ben Hall is an Aussie historical action drama film based on the true story of Australian bushranger Ben Hall. Written, produced and directed by Matthew Holmes, the film stars Jack Martin in the title role of Ben Hall, Jamie Coffa as gang member John Gilbert and William Lee as gang member John Dunn.


The film follows outlaw bushranger Ben Hall who, after two years on the road running from the law, has gone into hiding. However, he is drawn back into his criminal bushranging ways by the reappearance of his old friend and partner-in-crime John Gilbert. Reforming the gang, and taking in new recruit, skilled horseman John Dunn, the three begin a spree of robberies and crimes across New South Wales. Soon they become the most wanted men in Australia’s young history after the killing of two policemen during a violent shootout. When the authorities move to declare them outlaws that can be shot on sight by any person who chooses for a reward, the gang make desperate plans to flee the country. But with a such a large bounty on their heads, betrayal abounds where they least expect it.


Writer-director Holmes was determined to make the film as historically accurate as possible. Holmes worked closely with New South Wales historian and author Peter Bradley (who is actually a descendant of Ben Hall’s younger brother, Henry Hall- how cool is that??!) since 2007, who acted as an historical advisor to ensure the film’s accurate portrayal of events.


Cast members were chosen to physically resemble their historical counterparts (seriously, the resemblances are uncanny!), and had their wardrobe and hair based on descriptions or photographs of the real characters. Much of the dialogue used by Ben Hall, John Gilbert and John Dunn win the film comes directly from historical newspaper articles and eye-witness accounts.


The Legend of Ben Hall is an epic Aussie film with an awesome cast and brilliant set and scenery! It is a must see!

Running Time: 134 minutes

Rating: M


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