Now that Sydney has the memo that it’s actually winter, we can begin to acclimatize and pull out the leggings, tracksuit, earmuffs, gloves, hand heat packs etc… Okay okay, so it never really gets that cold in Sydney, but a change of season is also a time for a new exercise regime.

So while taking a dip in the ocean is ruled out, why not pull out the bike and take a tour of Sydney’s finest cycling routes? The beauty of bike riding is that you warm up fairly quickly, what with the bounty of hills Sydney has to offer, and there’s opportunity to stop for a coffee or bite to eat.

Get those cogs turning with the following routes:

1. Homebush, Olympic Park

No longer are the people of Wentworth Point and Rhodes disconnected, the new Bennelong Bridge has been built to connect cyclists over 75kms of cycle ways. Dick Van Den Dool, Director for Active Travel, GTA Consultants explains that this stretch of cycle routes includes “the entire Homebush Bay cycling circuit, [and is] a world class recreational facility for inner western Sydney accessible by all communities, as well as the greater network of the Parramatta River Valley cycle ways and walk ways”.

Coffee Spot: Abattoir Blues

Wentworth Point X Rhodes Bridge

Wentworth Point X Rhodes Bridge

2. Barangaroo

Right at the cusp of the city landscape, the Barangaroo precinct is either a great drive by or destination to relax on the lovely grasses and watch the city buzz by. Bike from the North over the Harbour Bridge or from Darling Harbour, there are bike paths designated from most angles and offers great views.

Coffee/Donut Spot: Short-Stop

3. Tour De Mosman

For the more adventurous rider, Mosman is home to the steepest hill in Sydney – Awaba St, we don’t actually advice riding up it. While there are some other hills in Mosman, they are gradual, yet reward you with stunning views of the harbour. Ride down Middle Head Road toward the Barracks to see the heads of Sydney and watch the Manly ferry pass by and then to Bradley’s Head Road which leads to the Zoo.

Coffee Spot: Baccino Bar

Sydney Harbour from Taronga Zoo

Sydney Harbour from Taronga Zoo

4. The Bay Run Drummoyne

This is the perfect route for a leisurely 7km ride around the shores of Iron Cove Bay. Teach the kids how to ride a bike or bring your four legged friend on the dog friendly path. This is also a connective route to the inner west with suburbs like Balmain and Rozelle to pop into for a coffee.

Coffee Spot: The Local Press

5. Centennial Park

This round route is roughly 4km and is popular among cyclists. The park is a particularly lively place in the morning with the geese out for their morning walk, PT training groups, walkers, runners, swans and horses.  You won’t feel like you’re in the middle of the city, that’s for sure. The route connects multiple suburbs and can be entered at Bondi Junction, Oxford St, Randwick or Moore Park.

Coffee Spot: Centennial Parklands Kiosk


Sydney has also ramped up its cycling routes through the city and is a great way for people who don’t have time to exercise to get to and from work. Dick Van Den Dool, Director for Active Travel, GTA Consultants explains that “sedentary lifestyles have overtaken smoking as the primary cause of illness in Australia, so by connecting residents to easily accessible cycle ways and public transport, we will no doubt be greatly improving the personal health outcomes of residents”.



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