I love jam and conserves! I even have a jam eating and making musical mega-mix which features hits including Technotronic’s ‘Pump up the Jam’, Quad City DJ’s ‘Space Jam’ and  Bob Marley’s ‘Jammin With You’.  So I was very excited to hear that Bonne Maman released a Rhubarb Conserve recently into the Australian market.

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For decades Bonne Maman (French for ‘Good Mother’) has created special conserves following traditional, cherished recipes, from its original home in the countryside of Southwest France. Today, Bonne Maman continues to create delicious conserves and jams with an unwavering focus on quality, using only the finest all natural ingredients and no artificial colourings, additives or preservatives. The Rhubarb Conserve made with 50% rhubarb reveals some garden flavour sweetened to perfection with brown cane sugar. Chunky, delicious and slightly tart, this jam is perfect on sweets such as scones and croissants and can also be mixed into savoury meals such as goats’ cheese tarts!

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During the recent launch of Bonne Maman’s Rhubarb Conserve Katie Quinn Davies, renowned cookbook author, food stylist, photographer and creator of the blog What Katie Ate presented a food styling and photography master class using the delicious Rhubarb Conserve.  Here are some of the tips that I gathered and took away from the class which can be used when taking food shots for Instagram  #yum #foodporn

  1. Messy looks great! Think crumbs on the plate or a knife with jam on it. Messy makes it look like the food is ready to be eaten.
  2. Keep it real! Use real ingredients and try and avoid techniques that are used to trick the viewer. It doesn’t need to be perfect just real.
  3. Know when to stop! Styling is wonderful… until you over style. Adding too many props or over thinking your styling can sometimes lead to an over styled and not so desirable look.
  4. Product placement! Always be sure to include the product you are using in the shot in a clear spot but not front and centre.
  5. Bending around the edges! When photographing from the top objects on the side of the image can look distorted and bent. Prop them up on their outer side to avoid this bent look.
  6. It can be hard to recreate the same shot. Every time you move something in a shot it can be really hard to get it exactly back to the way it was especially tea towels. So always take lots of shots before you move anything.

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Bonne Maman’s new Rhubarb Conserve, packaged in their world-famous facetted jars, are available for RRP $5.00, 370g weight in all good independent retailers nationally.

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