New restaurant, Brick Lane is bringing unconventional and experimental flavours of the Indian Subcontinent to the heart of Darlinghurst. Head Chef Joey Ingram offers a snappy menu of vibrant, modern Indian dishes perfect for sharing – showcasing a combination of fresh Australian produce, Indian spices and cooking techniques from around the world.

 Brick Lane on Stanley Street is the brainchild of British-born owners, Kiran Bains and Alistair French who wanted to provide a ‘subcontinental spicy hit without inducing a food coma’. Inspired by bustling Brick Lane in East London renowned for its eclectic mix of cultures, street art and curry houses, Brick Lane in Darlinghurst offers a contemporary take on Indian food in Australia.


 The menu starts with snacks such as the ‘Naan-Mi, with roti bread, roasted pork belly, spiced pate, spring onion and chilli’ and ‘Tuna Cone with crunchy wonton cone filled with raw tandoori tuna, avocado and crispy onion’.

Then there are the punchy smaller bites including ‘Scallops & Kingfish Ceviche – citrus cured with young coconut, avocado, spring onion and crispy squid ink’ (this was one of my absolute favourites) and ‘King Prawn Curry Leaf – grilled prawn on prawn & coconut curry with spiced basmati and betel leaf”.

The bigger eats include the sensational ‘lamb shoulder, slow cooked and served with curried chickpeas, spinach and mint yoghurt’ and ‘Papa G’s crispy fried fillets with spiced tomato ragu, coconut smash and crunchy squid crumble’.


Dessert is a must, with the ‘banana tapioca with coconut, lime and macadamia ice cream’ and ‘watermelon granita with vanilla custard, candied lemon and rose jelly’ providing the perfect end to the flavour-packed feast.


Brick Lane also serves an excellent crafted cocktail list, with a special focus on gin and fresh citrusy flavours.  Definitely try the ‘Tequila Sadhu’:  Tequila, cardamom, ginger, apple and lime, A selection of Australian and international wines complement the spicy tones of the menu, alongside Indian beers and pale ales.


Led by interior designer Matt Angilcas of kisshugkiss, the restaurant design was inspired by both the street art and industrial backdrop of London’s Brick Lane. Internationally acclaimed street artist Shannon Crees was commissioned to create striking floor-to-ceiling murals of modern-day Sadhus. Shannon’s talents as a street artist were originally discovered on London’s Brick Lane so the area itself holds a special place in her heart.

The service at Brick Lane is incredible. The staff are very attentive, knowledgeable and super friendly. The restaurant has an electric and fun but relaxed vibe and is perfect for a long lunch with a group of friends or a hot date with that special someone.


For more information on Brick Lane head to:

 Brick Lane 75 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst

Phone: 02 8964 9318

Open: Lunch: 12-2pm Tuesday- Friday

Dinner: 5:30- 10pm Monday- Friday and 6:00- 10pm Saturday


I am very excited to include the below recipe for one of my favourite dishes, the Scallop and Kingfish Ceviche. It is full of flavour and the fish literally melts in your mouth.

Scallop and Kingfish Ceviche

makes approximately 5 portions

For Ceviche:

5 fresh scallops, roe removed

1 piece kingfish fillet (approx 150g)

1 lime

2 tbsp tamarind puree

Thinly slice the scallops horizontally and remove bloodline from kingfish fillet before thinly slicing across the grain of the flesh. Zest the lime rind then squeeze over the lime juice, mix well then add tamarind and finish with a pinch of salt. Reserve for two hours. 

For Coconut Dressing:

80g kewpie mayonnaise

80g coconut cream

4g dashi flakes

20g dehydrated coconut milk powder

10mL whey

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Finish with a pinch of salt and a drop of lime juice

For Avocado puree:

1 ripe avocado

2 tbsp greek style yoghurt

½ lime 

Puree all ingredients in a blender then strain and store in a small squeeze bottle.

For Squid Ink Batter:

200g besan flour

5g dried yeast

300mL whey

20g coriander ground

10g curry powder

1 tbsp squid ink

Mix all ingredients well and store in a squeeze bottle then allow to proof. Once risen, drizzle into fryer at 160ºC then drain on paper towel.

For Garnish: 

100g red seedless grapes- quartered

1 long spring onion (scallion)- sliced very thinly on a diagonal angle

To Assemble:

Using a fork, gently lay out flat on a plate the scallop and kingfish. Scatter the quartered grapes over the top of the fish then drizzle over the coconut dressing. Using the squeeze bottle, pipe some dots of avocado puree around and on top to the cured scallops. Arrange the sliced spring onions on top and finish with a tablespoon of squid ink batter all over.

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