Super Nash is here to spice things up on the south side of the bridge with their
Nashville style Hot Chicken. Making their way to Waterloo from Waitara, Super Nash’s latest
addition to their Hot Chicken empire is set to fulfill any hot chicken lover’s dreams with their range
of iconic sandos, tenders, drumsticks and mozza sticks all on offer plus much more!

Back in 2020, Super Nash owners Ross and Joe went on a business trip to the US, as usual but
little did they know this would be the start of a life changing and culinary-discovery journey. Only 24
hours after their landing, the Pandemic struck at full force and they were left at a pretty
unconventional crossroad. Either go home immediately, or make the most out of (what ended up
being their last) trip overseas and play out one of the greatest burger tours of all time.

In just over a week they ate their way through 54 of LAs finest burger restaurants, guided by the
high-profile chef and host of First we Feast – Alvin Cailan. Despite hitting up some of the most
iconic burger and chicken spots – it was a little place in ChinaTown that won their hearts (and
stomachs). Howlin’ Rays. After a 2 hour wait they had experienced the best Chicken Burger
(Sando in Hot Chicken world) they’d ever had! The doors had opened to the world of Nashville
style Hot Chicken, which as the name suggests, comes from Nashville, Tennessee. It’s said that
the original recipe was created with a spice-filled vengeance in mind. Today, however, the recipe is
a touch more refined and is not only spicy but sweet and vinegary too.

The highs from their flavour-filled expedition were met with lows as their trip came to an end and
lockdown rendered Ross and Joe jobless. With all this time and a lingering taste from Howlin’
Rays, they knew they had to recreate that hot chicken and bring it to the unbeknown people of Oz.
Over the course of 3 months, Ross and his now Cofounder, Joe Avers created the recipe to the
best Hot Chicken and were ready to release it to the public.

The first ever Super Nash location was a small canteen at a Tennis Centre in Hornsby which
required the enlisting of fellow recently jobless mate, Willow. This sent the team skyrocketing as
they quickly built a loyal following and a high-demand for their deliciously curated menu. Now, 12
months, 13,000 Sandos, a Food Truck and two stores later, Super Nash is celebrating the opening
of their third location in Waterloo.

Waterloo is set to give the “full Super Nash Brothers experience”, boasting their impressive menu
which includes a range of sandos, tenders, drumsticks and mozza sticks. On top of their taste
bud-tingling bites, they’ve imported two original Bandai Namco Mario Kart arcade machines PLUS
there’s a Insta-worthy Neon sign for all our food bloggers. But it’s their latest addition to their menu
that takes the spotlight. Created for only the daring and iron-stomached, Super Nash now offers
the World’s Hottest Sando. Using Carolina Reapers and a range of other things (that burn), this
Sando is over 2m Scoville heat units. Be warned, this is not for the faint of heart but if you’re up to
the challenge, you’ll have to sign a Waiver to give it a go!

Super Nash Waterloo – 29 Amelia Street, Waterloo
Super Nash Waitara – 22 Waitara Ave, Waitara
Super Nash FoodTruck – See socials for location updates
Tues 5:30-8:30pm
Wed-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30-8:30pm
Sun 11:30am-2:30pm

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